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National Digital Forensics Seminar 2021

The National Digital Forensics Seminar 2021

The University of Warwick is proud to announce a national digital forensics seminar featuring leading academics, researchers, and practitioners in the UK digital forensics field. This is a free to attend online event which takes place on 4th February 2021. This years event includes talks relating to the investigation of unmanned aerial vehicles, the investigation of dashcam devices and methods to identify cold-case missing persons. The event will be of interest to students, academia, researchers and practitioners in the field.

Digital Forensics is the application of scientific investigatory techniques to scrutinise and investigate important corporate and potentially criminal events. Digital forensics is a critical aspect of cyber security, law and business. The subject is experiencing increased research focus, has become a very popular academic discipline and has been identified as an area of high demand in a number of employment skills surveys. The area is also subject numerous challenges arising from increased data capacities, an increase in the number of devices that could potentially be examined in an investigation, and growing jurisdiction related complexities.

You can view the talk schedule here and the speaker biographies here.

Registration for this event has now closed.