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Experts directory

A number of academic and professional experts from across WMG are available to comment and advise on a range of areas. They are available for interviews, commentary and other speaking opportunities.

If you are a journalist looking for an interviewee, please contact the University's Director of Press, Peter Dunn (07767 655860).

If you are seeking a speaker / commentator for editorial or other opportunities, please contact Lisa Harding, WMG Head of Communications (07824 540845).

Name Role Areas of expertise Find out more...
Amor-Segan, Mark Principal Engineer, WMG High Value Manufacturing Catapult

Energy storage and management, vehicle energy systems, complex electronic and software systems, diagnostics, broad overview of electrification of transport and energy storage

Transport Electrification
Arvanitis, Theo
E-Health Innovation,
Institute for Digital Healthcare

Neuroimaging; Neuroscience; health informatics; clinical research informatics; biomedical engineering; systems engineering

Health Informatics and Health Data Science

Health Informatics and Biomedical Engineering

Ceglarek, Darek
Digital Lifecycle Management

Healthcare systems; root cause analysis; PLM methods; digital manufacturing; Stream-of-Variation (SOVA); fault region localisation; remote diagnostics; data mining & process mapping models

Digital Lifecycle Management
Chalmers, Alan

Real virtuality; high dynamic range video; multi-sensory perception; visualisation; high fidelity computer graphics; parallel processing; virtual archaeology

Davis, Claire (Prof) Tata Steel Chair in Thermo-mechanical Processing

Microstructure and properties in steels - physical and mechanical, non-destructive testing

Steels Processing
Dhadyalla, Gunwant Principal Engineer

Industry perspective on connected and autonomous vehicles, testing

Intelligent Vehicles

Dianati, Mehrdad Professor, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Connectivity and autonomous vehicles

Cooperative Autonomy

Gibbons, Greg
Associate Professor,
Additive Layer Manufacturing
Additive layer manufacturing; rapid prototyping; rapid tooling; novel coatings; materials development; advanced ceramics synthesis and processing Additive Layer Manufcturing
Godsell, Jan
Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
Global supply chain strategy, globalisation, right-shoring, re-shoring,
off-shoring, supply chain risk management, supply chain capabilities,
manufacturing strategy, supplier management, collaboration, new product development, circular business models, re-manufacturing, big data in a supply chain context
Dynamic Supply Chains
Greenwood, David (Prof) Professor,
Advanced Propulsion Systems
Battery, motors, power electronics, control systems and energy management, as well as a broad overview of automotive sector, energy storage, battery, power electronics, industry strategy automotive Battery Systems Engineering
Harrison, Robert
Automation Systems
Manufacturing automation; virtual engineering tools and services; automotive and aerospace sectors Automation Systems
Higgins, Matthew Associate Professor Wireless technology, connected car

Connectivity and Wireless Communications

Jennings, Paul
Professor, Intelligent Vehicles Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV); connected mobility; sound of vehicles and soundscapes; hybrid and electric vehicles; driver behaviour; energy storage; product perception; user experience Intelligent Vehicles
Kendall, Ken
Professorial Fellow,
Structural Composites
Structural composites, engineering materials and manufacturing, lightweight materials for automotive High Volume Automotive Composite Manufacturing
Kirwan, Kerry
Sustainable Materials
Sustainable materials, biomaterials, polymer glazing, environmentally-friendly motorsport, industrial biotechnology, sustainable manufacturing; industrial symbiosis, battery recycling Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing
Loveridge, Mel Senior Research Fellow Electrochemical materials, battery chemistry, cell materials Electrochemical Materials
MacPherson, Archie CEO, WMG centre HVM Catapult Broad overview energy, automotive, requirements and application of motors (shape and policy on manufacturing), capital investment (venture capitalists) Business Development
Maple, Carsten (Prof) Professor, Cyber Systems Engineering Cyber security, cyber systems engineering, e-crime, online safety and security, business / national security Cyber Security
Marco, James Reader Battery recycling, energy management and vehicle control system Battery Modelling and Control
McGordon, Andy Principal Engineer Energy management and vehicle control system Transport Electrification
McMahon, Richard (Prof) Professor of Power Electronics Power electronics - charging, invertors, power switching plus broad overview electrical distribution networks, storage onto grid, energy industry - use and policy (electricity) Power Electronics, Machines, and Drives
McNally, Tony
Polymer science, processing and nanocomposites; materials (macro- to micro- to nano-); nanoparticles Nanocomposites
Meyer, Caroline (Prof) Professor, Behavioural Psychology in Digital Health Human behaviour, interactions with health-related technologies, digital interventions for health and behaviour change Applied Psychology
Ng, Irene
Service Systems
Service systems; marketing; disruptive business models; digital economy; economic models Service Ecosystems
Soulard, Juliette Associate Professor, Electric Machines Electric motors technology and how to manufacture Power Electronics, Machines and Drives
Swift, Mark
Head of SME Programmes,
International Institute for Product and Service Innovation
Small and medium sized enterprises (SME); business innovation; digital business; entrepreneurship; knowledge transfer; open innovation SME Innovation
Watson, Tim (Prof) Professor, Director of Cyber Security Centre Cyber security; digital forensics Cyber Security
Williams, Mark

Professor, Leader of the Centre for Imaging, Metrology, and Additive Technology (CiMAT)

Reverse engineering, laser scanning, micro X-ray
CT scanning, 3D modelling in forensics and archaeology, medical imaging