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CADE 2019 Keynote Speakers

Hamed Haddadi

Hamed Haddadi
Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director of Research
Dyson School of Design Engineering at The Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London

Presentation: TBA

Hamed is a Senior Lecturer (~Associate Professor) and the Deputy Director of Research at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at The Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London. He leads the Systems and Algorithms Laboratory and is an Academic Fellow of the Data Science Institute. He is also a Visiting Professor at Brave Software. He is interested in User-Centered Systems, IoT, Applied Machine Learning, and Data Security & Privacy. He enjoys designing and building systems that enable better use of our digital footprint, while respecting users' privacy. He is also broadly interested in sensing applications and Human-Data Interaction. He studied for BEng/MSc/PhD at University College London. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Germany, and a postdoctoral research fellow at Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge and The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, followed by few years as a Lecturer and consequently Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at Queen Mary University of London. He has spent time working and collaborating with Intel Research, Microsoft Research, AT&T Research, Telefonica, and Sony Europe. When not in the lab, he prefers to be on a ski slope or in a kayak.

Research Interests: User centred systems, Internet of Things, Applied machine learning, Data security and privacy, and Human-data interaction.

David BoyleDavid Boyle
Customer Insights Director

Presentation: TBA

David is passionate about helping businesses to build analytics-driven decision making to help them make quicker, smarter and bolder decisions. He leads customer strategy and insights at Harrods, the biggest and most iconic department store in Europe. He has previously built global analytics and insight capabilities for a number of leading global entertainment businesses covering television (the BBC), book publishing (HarperCollins Publishers) and the music industry (EMI Music), helping to drive each organization’s decision making at all levels. He builds on experiences working to build analytics for global retailers as well as political campaigns in the US and UK, in philanthropy and in strategy consulting.

Irene Ng

Irene CL Ng
Professor of Marketing and Service Systems and Director of the International Institute of Product and Service Innovation
WMG, University of Warwick

Presentation: TBA

A business (IO) economist through her doctoral training, Irene’s research lies in the trans‐disciplinary understanding of value and new business models. She has received global recognition for her work including several ESRC fellowship appointments, and is currently an ESRC/InnovateUK Innovation Caucus Thought Leader. Irene has been involved in several government‐funded research projects in the digital economy; she is currently PI of the EPSRC-funded HAT Living Labs/CONTRIVE project. She was PI of the £ 1.2m RCUK-funded HAT project,and a Co‐I on the £1.5m RCUK NEMODE Network+ project. Irene has published numerous articles in the domain of management, marketing, engineering, information systems, economics, education and sociology and is the author of the highly-acclaimed Value and Worth: Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy, published by Cambridge University Press. An entrepreneur and academic, Irene is passionate about the link between practice and research, and advises digital business startups.

Research Interests: Personal data, Internet-of-Things, the digital economy trans-disciplinary understanding of value; creating, designing, pricing, contracting and innovating based on value, embedded within new economic and business models of complex service systems

Carsten MapleCarsten Maple
Professor of Cyber Systems Engineering & Director of Research in Cyber Security
WMG, University of Warwick

Presentation: TBA

Carsten has an international research reputation having published over 200 peer reviewed papers and is co-author of the UK Security Breach Investigations Report 2010, supported by the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Police Central e-crime Unit. His research has attracted millions of pounds in funding and has been widely reported through the media. He currently Principal Investigator (PI) at the EPSRC/GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security, the local PI on the UK Research Hub for Cyber Security of the Internet of Things, PETRAS, and FAIRSPACE, the UK Research Hub for Future AI and Robotics in Space as well as co-investigator on the CARMA project. He is a fellow of the Alan Turing Institute.

Research Interests: Authentication, privacy, the value of information and cyber-physical systems.

Haitham CruickshankHaitham Cruickshank
Reader at the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS)
University of Surrey

Presentation: The impact of future generation telecommunications on security, privacy and business models

Haitham is experience researcher and worked several UK, EU and ESA security related projects. He has been the main author on several ETSI specifications on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) privacy and broadband satellite network security architectures. This includes work on 5G and satellite network integration will enable large scale deployment of ITS, maximizing network performance and providing security and privacy to users despite the large amount of personal data sharing in this system. He has over 163 papers; including 34 refereed journals, 120 conferences, 4 books chapters and 5 IETF/ETSI standards. He is a member of the IEEE Satellite and Space Communications Committee. Also he is a chartered engineer and corporate member of the IEE in UK.

Research Interests: Network, user and IoT privacy and security, Block Chain Technologies (BCT) for key management for ITS future network architecture in mobile, satellite and Internet