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WMG-US EPA Collaboration Discussion

WMG - US EPA Collaboration Discussion Skype Webinar

11 May 2020, 2pm

In the US, the EPA makes a broad range of decisions to protect public health and the environment from unintended consequences of using chemicals. Decisions about chemicals are also made by other Federal Agencies, State Environmental and Health Agencies, International Governmental Agencies and Industry. To help support these efforts, EPA researchers are integrating available chemical information including physicochemical properties, environmental fate and transport, exposure, usage, in vivo toxicity, and in vitro bioassay into their online tool to help scientists quickly and efficiently evaluate thousands of chemicals.

The Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for chemistry, toxicity and exposure information for over 875,000 chemicals. Data and models within the Dashboard also help with efforts to identify chemicals of most need of further testing and reducing the use of animals in chemical testing. The Dashboard can be searched by chemical identifiers (e.g. DTXSID and CASRN), consumer product categories (i.e. view chemicals found in certain product types), and assays/genes associated with high-throughput screening data. Using high-throughput screening, living cells or proteins are exposed to chemicals and examined for subsequent changes that suggest potential biological responses. The advanced search function can be used to search chemicals based on their mass or molecular formula and batch searches can be performed based on chemical identifiers, MS-ready formulas, exact formulas and monoisotopic mass.

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