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Thanks to all session organisers and our EurOMA 2020 conference co-chairs: Janet Godsell, Mark Johnson, Pietro Micheli

We also like to give a special thanks to:

EurOMA 2020 Conference Team
Alexandros Zafeiriadis, Charlie Whitewood, Tony Ridler, Tracy Smith
Doctoral Seminar
Organiser: Pär Åhlström
Faculty: Annachiara Longoni, Byung-Gak Son, Canan Kocabasoglu-Hillmer, Chris Voss, Cipriano Forza, Evelyne Vanpoucke, Harry Boer, Martin Spring, Rui Sousa
Support: Zakiah Suhaimi
Journal Publishing Workshop
Organiser: Juliana Hsuan
Faculty: Chris Voss, Cipriano Forza, Cristina Gimenez, Mark Pagell, Suzanne de Treville
Support: Wanrong Zhang
Young Scholars Workshop
Organiser: Harry Boer
Faculty: Atanu Chaudhuri, Paul Coughlan, Matteo Kalchschmidt
Support: Sumeer Chakuu