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Conference going on-line

EurOMA 2020: Conference Update

In these unprecedented times, we are all having to adapt the way in which we work. The Warwick team has very much enjoyed working with broader members of the EurOMA community to curate the first EurOMA on-line conference and we thank them for their help and support. The need to ‘manage operations for impact’ has never been stronger. We would also like to thank the community for their feedback and suggestions, which we have tried to incorporate where possible.

Doctoral Seminar

The importance of the conference in providing sounding board for young scholars (particularly doctoral students) to present their work and get feedback has been highlighted. Over 70 doctoral students have signed up for the doctoral workshop, and this will go ahead in an online format. To avoid working into the weekend, the dates have been moved to Thursday 25th – Friday 26th June 2020. There will be a small charge of £50 in addition to the conference fee for attendance. The total cost for doctoral students to attend the seminar and conference is £100.

Publishing Workshop

The publishing workshop will also continue in a an on-line format. It provides a great opportunity for those not registered for the doctoral seminar to get more detailed feedback on their paper, and work towards a journal publication. Again, to avoid weekend working this has been rescheduled to Friday 26th June 2020. Applications are open until Monday 18th May 2020. There will be a small charge of £30 in addition to the conference fee for attendance.

Young Scholars Workshop

This workshop is a great way for young scholars to learn new skills, network and continue their professional development. It is a free to attend workshop and will be held on Wednesday 1st July 2020. Applications are open until Monday 18th May 2020.

Best paper awards and IJOPM EurOMA 2020 special issue

Whilst there may be more limited opportunities to present papers, we would still like to encourage the community to submit their full papers. In doing so you will have the opportunity to be considered for one of the three best paper awards (you can select which one on submission) and to have your paper considered for a EurOMA 2020 special issue of IJOPM. This will be edited by the EurOMA 2020 co-chairs, with the standard IJOPM review process, within an accelerated timeframe. The special issue will be published before EurOMA 2021.

To be considered for a best paper award and inclusion in the IJOPM special issue, full papers need to submitted by Monday 18th May 2020, and you also need to have registered and paid for your attendance at the conference. Conference attendance is £50 for EurOMA members, and £120 for non-members (includes £70 EurOMA membership fee).

COVID-19 special sessions

In addition to the 7 special sessions already schedule, we hope to add a number of sessions related to the operations and supply chain challenges presented by COVID-19. There has been a separate call for proposals, and the deadline to submission is Tuesday 5th May 2020.

Timings and access to materials

The conference schedule has been designed around a working day in the UK and Europe. Sessions will be recorded and made available to view in a catch up mode, for those registered to attend the conference.

In summary:

Key dates
Doctoral Seminar Thursday 25th - Friday 26th June 2020
Publishing Workshop Friday 26th June 2020
EurOMA Conference Monday 29th - Tuesday 30th June 2020
Young Scholars Workshop Wednesday 1st July 2020
COVID-19 special session submission Tuesday 5th May 2020
Full paper submission Monday 18th May 2020
Publishing Workshop application Monday 18th May 2020
Young Scholars Workshop application Monday 18th May 2020
COVID-19 special sessions Thursday 7th May 2020
Short-listed papers for presentation  Tuesday 16th June 2020

We very much look forward to your attendance at the first on-line EurOMA conference, and encourage you to navigate through our website for more details.

Stay safe

Jan, Mark and Pietro

EurOMA 2020 Conference Co-chairs