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Microsoft Teams Live

  • When you want to ask a question please submit it to the Q&A section.
  • The moderator will then make the presenter aware of your question.
  • Please note that not all questions can be covered due to time.
  • Enjoy it!

 Microsoft Teams

  • Please turn off microphones and videos during the calls, refrain from eating crunchy food or engaging in personal grooming when ‘live’. This helps with bandwidth and feedback.
  • When you wish to ask a question, raise your hand using the functionality in Teams and the moderator will make the presenter(s) aware of your question.
  • Alternatively, drop the question into the text chat and the moderator or presenter will address it.
  • Again, there may not be enough time to answer all questions.

All Microsoft Teams session can accommodate maximum 250 people (first come first served basis).


1. Be courteous to other participants

We know that the commute between the kitchen and your computer can be quite challenging, but if you are presenting, please be punctual and introduce yourself to the other presenters. Your avatar will represent you during the conference, the default setting will be letters from your name but sometimes Teams can select an avatar you have on file, please be sure the avatar is appropriate. Lastly, please turn off the alerts on your smart phone.

2. Speak clearly

An audio check should be done before the virtual meeting begins to ensure that everyone can hear you. Also, remember to turn your microphone on!

3. Don't shout

If someone can't hear you, then adjust the level on the microphone and make sure it's not covered by your clothing or something else. Yelling will cause viewers to turn down their volume and potentially miss what you have to say.

4. Keep body movements minimal

Hand movements can distract your audience. Also, keep head movements to a minimum as well as jerky movements forward or back.

5. Don't interrupt other speakers

Wait for an opening in the conversation before interjecting. Another option is posting pending questions by instant message so that we can try and address every comment.

6. Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera

Keep your focus on the camera. The worst thing is having your audience look at the top of your head because your typing or looking down at notes.

7. Dress appropriately

We’ve certainly noticed a drop off in our own personal sartorial standards during lockdown. Try and dress in a way that will be camera friendly