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Keynote Speakers

Kirstie McIntyre
Kirstie McIntyre, Global Director for Sustainability, Product and Service Compliance Operations, HP Inc.

Kirstie McIntyre is global director for HP Inc’s sustainability, product and service compliance operations. Her remit covers all environmental/social responsibility laws and market access agreements on energy efficiency, chemical / material restrictions and end-of-life considerations. Her teams manage WW takeback and recycling, IT systems for reporting and disclosure and WW product compliance programmes. She liaises with Government, NGOs, industry peers, supply chain partners and engages with HP customers and channel sales on circular economy solutions and other sustainability aspects of HP's products and services. Kirstie leads HP’s circular economy programme and has worked for a number of years in the strategic development of sustainability and supply chain programmes for various companies in the electronics sector. She has an engineering doctorate in environmental technology and has published widely on sustainability, circular economy and supply chain issues. Please see for more information.


Fiona Charnley Photo

Professor Fiona Charnley, Associate Professor of Circular Economy and Co-Director Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy

Fiona joined Exeter Business School in May 2019 after working for eight years at Cranfield University as a Senior Lecturer in Circular Innovation. Fiona has a background in Industrial Design and has established herself as a thought leader in the Circular Economy, working at the interfaces of Design, Innovation and Manufacture.

Fiona is an investigator on a number of research grants including the EPSRC funded projects 'Circular4.0: Data-Driven Intelligence for a Circular Economy', ‘Small is Beautiful’ and 'Manufacturing Immortality'. Fiona also successfully led the EPSRC funded Network in Re-Distributed Manufacturing, Big Data and Consumer Goods (RECODE) and is a member of the management group for the Connected Everything Network Plus.

Fiona has extensive experience of working with organisations from across sectors to identify new approaches to design, innovation, manufacture and business modelling to transform resource use and value creation. She has also led multiple education and executive training programmes to support future leaders in developing the skills and capabilities necessary to transform our industrial system from linear to circular. In 2018 Fiona was recognised as one of the Top 50 Women in Engineering by the Women's Engineering Society and the Telegraph for her contribution to Circular Economy research and education.


Cristina Gimenez Thomsen , Professor, Dpt. of Operations, Innovation & Data Sciences, Director of Identity and Mission, ESADE Business School

Cristina is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Esade Business School. Her areas of interest are sustainable operations and supply chain integration. On these subjects she has published over 30 articles in specialized journals and presented papers at national and international conferences. Her recent papers have been published in Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics and Journal of Supply Chain Management.

Cristina serves as Director of Identity and Mission at Esade since January 2019, after moving from her previous role as Vice-Dean of Faculty. As Director of Identity and Mission, she promotes different initiatives jointly with Deans, Associate-Deans and Program Directors to better align the educational experience with the mission of the institution, contributing to make it a more shared and lived mission.

Since October 2017 Cristina is Co-editor in Chief of the International Journal of Operations and Production Management (Impact factor: 2,955; Q1). In addition to this editorial position Cristina has also contributed to the Operations Management academic community by being member of the Board of the European Operations Management Association (EUROMA) from July 2011 to July 2017, where she was involved in managing several initiatives (e.g. the Publishing Workshop) to help young researchers grow as academics.


Michael Pirson, Ph.D., Professor of Sustainable Business Management, Fordham University

Michael Pirson is a scholar of humanistic management, which holds that business and commerce ought to protect human dignity and promote societal well-being. He is currently a professor for Global Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship at Fordham University, New York. He is the co-founder of the Humanistic Management Network and the International Humanistic Management Association, global organizations bringing academics from various disciplines together with practitioners, policy makers and media representatives to accelerate the transition towards a life-conducive economic system. Michael is the also actively exploring the role of higher education in positive change making and social innovation, leading Fordham University’s efforts as ASHOKA Changemaker Campus. He has won numerous awards for his work, including from the Academy of Management and is a Full Member of the Club of Rome.

Stuart Croft

Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick, Professor of International Security

I am currently Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick, appointed on 1st February 2016 after moving from my previous role as the University’s Provost.

As Vice-Chancellor, I work with my 5,500 colleagues across Warwick to ensure our University delivers excellent education and research locally, nationally and internationally.

I was appointed as Provost here at the University of Warwick in 2013 and this role involved leading on the academic development of the University, including academic resourcing strategy and implementation, working with Pro-Vice-Chancellors and with Chairs of Faculty in developing and supporting academic departments and the line management of heads of academic departments. Previously in 2011 I was appointed as Warwick’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (Arts and Social Sciences). In this role, I had responsibility for the University’s Arts and Social Sciences research strategy, including the development of research opportunities and collaborations. I also provided academic leadership for the University’s Fundraising and Development activities, and our European strategy. More details