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Special Sessions

Measuring the unmeasurable? Reconceptualising measurement processes in organizations and supply chains - IJOPM special issue - Organisers: Pietro Micheli, Haley Beer, Andrey Pavlov and Matteo Mura

Saving Lives with Lean - Organisers: Dr. Daryl Powell, Rose Heathcote, Dr. Nicola Burgess, Dr. Manoj Dora, Lysann Seifert

Emerging Trends for International Manufacturing Networks - Organisers: Gisela Lanza, Kasra Ferdows, Janet Godsell, Jagjit Singh Srai

Lean Research: 30th Anniversary and Mid-life Crisis - Organisers: Torbjörn Netland, Desirée van Dun

Chinese Manufacturing - Organisers: Dr. Yongjiang Shi, Dr. Zhao Xiande, Dr. Jeff Fu Jia, Dr. Yufeng Zhang, Dr. Yang Cheng

Covid-19 Sessions

Can Supply Chain Finance help to manage the Impact of COVID-19? - Organisers: Federico Caniato, Antonella Moretto, Luca Gelsomino, Michael Henke, Marco Farinelli

Ad-hoc supply chains for medical equipment in the Covid-19 crisis - Organisers: Jasmina Müller, Kai Hoberg, Jan Fransoo

Covid-19: 27th EurOMA Call for Virtual Special Sessions Proposal - Organisers: Lisa Ellram, Barb Flynn, Christine Harland, Gyöngyi Kovács, Joe Sarkis and Wendy Tate