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Perception Sensors for Intelligent Vehicles

Masterclass: Perception Sensors for Intelligent Vehicles
Wednesday 12th February | 09.00 - 17.30
National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC), University of Warwick

Intelligent Vehicles Masterclass

The connected and autonomous car is a crucial element of the wider Intelligent Vehicle Transportation Network and the aspirational concept of ‘ubiquitous connectivity’ that is set to revolutionise the mobility ecosystem.

This transformation presents new challenges associated with different levels of vehicle autonomy, collecting real-time data and actioning it effectively in the driving environment. Overcoming these problems requires an advanced skill set for professionals working in the automotive sector.

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This workshop is aimed at engineers and managers who wish to learn about the opportunities and future potential of various technologies, techniques and systems emerging for the premium vehicle market.

The masterclass will be charged at £750 per person. We can accommodate companies wishing to book out a complete workshop, please include details in the comments box within the form below.

Perception Sensors for Intelligent Vehicles

This workshop will develop the basic knowledge of the key sensors of intelligent vehicles, their working principles, strengths and weaknesses, simulation, emulation and testing, incorporating ADAS/automated vehicles as the context.

This workshop will be delivered as a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions using WMG state of the art facilities.

􀁦 Introduction to ADAS: levels of autonomy and sensor suite
􀁦 Sensor Metrics
􀁦 Sensors in Intelligent Vehicles; general, perception and virtual
􀁦 Principles of Ultrasonic and RADAR sensors
􀁦 LiDAR and tutorial on point cloud data segmentation
􀁦 Camera and Infrared sensors
􀁦 Syndicate exercise
􀁦 Sensor Simulation, Emulation, and Testing and case study (RADAR)

These masterclasses are delivered in partnership with AESIN.

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