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Technical Programme and Confirmed Speakers

All technical sessions of the Symposium will take place in the International Digital Laboratory Board Room at WMG, University of Warwick.

Download Conference Programme and Abstracts (PDF Document)

Day 1: Monday 1st December

12.45-13.30: Registration and Lunch

13.30-14.00: Group Photograph and Welcome – Professor Lord Bhattacharyya FREng FRS

Session 1

Chair: Professor Tony McNally

14.00-14.25: S1.1 - Preparation and bio-application of inorganic/organic hybrid nanocomposites using hyper-branched polymers as templates (Professor Xinyuan Zhu (, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)) Abstract (PDF Document)

14.25-14.50: S1.2 - Developments in the synthesis of functional polymers from living radical polymerisation for nanocomposite applications (Professor David Haddleton (, University of Warwick) Abstract (PDF Document)

14.50-15.15: S1.3 - Hybridization of carbon nanomaterials and their polymer composites (Professor TianXi Liu (, Fudan University) Abstract (PDF Document)

15.15-15.40: S1.4 - Hierarchical Composite Material: Route and chemistry (Professor Milo Shaffer (, Imperial College London) Abstract (PDF Document)

15.40-16.00: Coffee Break

Session 2

Chair: Professor Xinyuan Zhu

16.00-16.25: S2.1 - Cellulose and Carbon based Nanocomposites (Professor Steve Eichhorn (, University of Exeter) Abstract (PDF Document)

16.25-16.50: S2.2 - Stress trigged super tough and stretchable uniform network structure of physical nanocomposite hydrogels (Professor Xuming Xie (, Tsinghua University) Abstract (PDF Document)

16.50-17.15: S2.3 - Nanocomposites for engineering and biomedical applications (Dr Sameer Rahateker, (, University of Bristol) Abstract (PDF Document)

19.00: Dinner (Scarman)

Day 2: Tuesday 2nd December

Session 3

Chair: Professor Dave Haddleton

09.00-09.25: S3.1 - Macroscopic Assembled Graphene: Fibres, Films, and Aerogels (Professor Chao Gao (, Zhejiang University) Abstract (PDF Document)

09.25-9.50: S3.2 - Nano-carbon-polymer composites: from fundamental science to bulk materials (Professor Ian Kinloch (, University of Manchester) Abstract (PDF Document)

9.50-10.15: S3.3 - Graphene and 2D Nanohybrids: New Generation of Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (Professor Dr. Xinliang Feng (, c/o Technische Universitaet Dresden) Abstract (PDF Document)

10.15-10.40: S3.4 - Intramolecular Cyclization is a Simple Way to Tune the Polymer Properties (Professor Zi-Chen Li (, Peking University) Abstract (PDF Document)

10.40-11.00: Coffee Break

Session 4

Chair: Professor Xinliang Feng

11.00:11.25: S4.1 - PU-CNT composites with electrical conductivity and shape memory behaviour (Professor Phil Coates FREng (, University of Bradford) Abstract (PDF Document)

11.25-11.50: S4.2 - Molecular dynamics simulation of polymer nanocomposites: current achievements and future opportunities (Dr Jun Liu (, Beijing University of Chemical Engineering) Abstract (PDF Document)

11.50-12.15: S4.3 - Multi-scale computational modelling for performance enhancement of polymer nanocomposites (Dr Lukasz Figiel (, WMG, University of Warwick) Abstract (PDF Document)

12.15-12.40: S4.4 - Multicomponent click reaction for polymer-carbon nanotube composites (Dr Lei Tao (, Tsinghua University) Abstract (PDF Document)

12.40-13.15: Lunch

Session 5

Chair: Professor Ton Peijs

13.15-13.40: S5.1 - Analysis of graphene and graphene oxide for nanocomposites (Dr Neil Wilson (, University of Warwick) Abstract (PDF Document)

13.40-14.05: S5.2 - Hollow carbon microspheres from self-assemble polyphosphazene materials (Dr Xiaobin Huang, (, Shanghai JiaoTong University) Abstract (PDF Document)

14.05-14.30: S5.3 - Thermoplastic elastomer nanocomposites (Dr Chaoying Wan (, University of Warwick Abstract (PDF Document)

14.30-14.55: S5.4 - Graphene based polymer nanocomposites used as electrolyte for electric double layer capacitors (Professor Wenhong Ruan (, Sun Yat-sen University) Abstract (PDF Document)

14.55-15.15: Coffee Break

Session 6

Chair: Professor Yongfeng Men

15.15-15.40: S6.1 - Bio-inspired polymer nanocomposites with water-activated shape-memory behaviour (Dr Biqiong Chen (, University of Sheffield) Abstract (PDF Document)

15.40-16.05: S6.2 - Towards strain sensing conductive polymer composites (Dr Deng Hua (, Sichuan University) Abstract (PDF Document)

16.05-16.30: S6.3 - Primary and secondary processing of composites of polymers and nanoparticles (Professor Tony McNally (, University of Warwick) Abstract (PDF Document)

18.30: Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner (Scarman) - Dress Code Business

Day 3: Wednesday 3rd December

Session 7

Chair: Dr Chaoying Wan

09.00-09.25: S7.1 - Process, structure, property relationships in polymer nanocomposites (Professor Eileen Harkin-Jones OBE FREng (, University of Ulster) Abstract (PDF Document)

09.25-09.50: S7.2 - Nano-structural evolution during tensile deformation of semi-crystalline polymers (Professor Yongfeng Men, (, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS, Chuangchun Institute of Applied Materials Science) Abstract (PDF Document)

09.50-10.15: S7.3 - Processing nanocomposites for multifunctional properties (Professor Ton Peijs (, Queen Mary, University of London) Abstract (PDF Document)

10.15-10.30: Coffee Break

10.30-11.45: Tour of WMG

Session 8

Chair: Professor Tony McNally

11.45-12.05: EPSRC: International Opportunities (Ellie Gilvin)

12.05-12.25: Royal Society (Dr Donna Lammie)

12.25-12.45: Royal Academy of Engineering

12.45-13.00: Closing Remarks

13.00-13.00: Lunch/Depart