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#WMGin17: Highlights from the past year

This year has been another exciting one for WMG as they continue to build on their success in research, education and impact through collaboration. They've announced a number of initiatives that have created a real buzz and shared these achievements with staff, students and partners.

To celebrate the success of WMG in 2017, they've pulled together 17 great things that have happened this year. The countdown begins on the 6th December.

Click on a new number each day to see #WMGin17 highlights...

Red One Day 2 Red 3 redfour.jpg
redfive.jpg redsix.jpg redseven.jpg redeight.jpg
rednine.jpg redten.jpg redeleven.jpg redtwelve.jpg
redthirteen.jpg redfourteen.jpg  15 16