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Professor Ravi Kant Shares Globalisation Experiences of Tata Motors

Prof Ravi KantProfessor Ravi Kant, former Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Tata Motors, delivered an enthralling seminar, The First Globalisation Experience of Tata Motors: Lessons for Emerging Markets, to a packed-out auditorium at WMG on Thursday (19 November).

The audience made up of staff and students listened intently to Professor Kant, who is also an Industrial Professor at WMG, explain the different approaches which can be taken to globalisation in the modern era. He also explored how the lessons learnt from different approaches can support emerging markets in driving growth through international business. In concluding his seminar Professor Kant shared 10 lessons learnt by Tata Motors which he believes are vital for success.


Fri 20 Nov 2015, 14:42 | Tags: NAIC Visits

WMG hiring 120 new positions over next 100 days

Shaping the FutureThe continued success and growth of WMG, at the University of Warwick, now means that it is seeking to hire 120 new recruits over the next 100 days.

WMG is a leading centre for world class education and applied research in many sectors including: automotive, aerospace and defence, business, construction, energy and utilities, IT, security and rail. They have recently won funding for several major research projects and partnerships that builds on our large array of collaborations with new and established partners.

WMG’s Chairman Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya said:

As we continue to grow and expand we are seeking individuals who thrive on a challenge and who aren’t afraid to defy conventional thinking. We are investing in, and creating, several new world-leading facilities to support these new projects. So we also need to invest in more talented people to take these projects forward and we will intend to recruit 120 of those people in the next 100 days.”

Some of the most recent developments, at WMG include a new £13.5 million Energy Innovation Centre and the £150 million National Automotive Innovation Centre.

WMG Joins Revolutionary New Robotic and Autonomous Systems Network

NAIC Design StudioWMG is to be part of the new revolutionary EPSRC UK-RAS Network, which brings together the UK’s core academic capabilities in robotic innovation under national coordination for the first time.

Robotics and autonomous systems has been recognised by the government as one of the eight great technologies that support UK science strengths and business capabilities. WMG’s research focus is on the Smart and Connected Vehicle aiming to understand and inform the trust in autonomous control and the security of driverless cars.

£4.2 million for world’s most adaptable driving simulator to research driverless cars

Simulator DesignWMG at the University of Warwick have been awarded £3.2 million by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to create one of the world’s most adaptable and advanced driving simulators. Support from industry including a further £1 million of funding has been gained to begin research projects with the new technology led by research students embedded in JLR, bringing the total cost of the simulator and its research programme to £4.2 million.

In its first phase the simulator will be tested and piloted in WMG’s International Manufacturing Centre before moving to its final home in the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC).

The simulator, which will be available to a range of research groups, will use a LIDAR scan (a high resolution laser scan of a real driving environment) of 30 miles of real roads around the City of Coventry to test vehicles in the simulator. While the simulator will use a fixed test car for many tests it will also be configured so that any make of car can be driven into the simulator for testing which is believed to be a unique capability for such an advanced simulator.

Ratan Tata & Cyrus Mistry unveil Foundation Stone of £150 million National Automotive Innovation Centre

Unveiling of the NAIC Foundation StoneOn Tuesday 17th March, Mr Ratan N. Tata (Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons), Cyrus P. Mistry (Chairman of Tata Group) met with Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya the Chairman and Founder of WMG at the University of Warwick and unveiled the foundation stone of the new £150 million National Automotive Innovation Centre on the campus of the University of Warwick.

The National Automotive Innovation Centre will be the largest automotive research centre of its kind in Europe. Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors, and WMG have made an investment of £150m in the capital building and research activities, with £30m capital costs funded by the Government's Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). The 33,000m2 complex will provide space for 1,000 engineers, designers and academics to work together, from apprentices to senior managers. Teaching facilities will support the education of tomorrow’s engineers with the Centre being open to students from the WMG Academies for Young Engineers to work on real world applications.

NAIC Foundation StoneThe high tech research facilities will include: a design and simulation space creating innovative automotive solutions: an Advanced Propulsion Research Laboratory which will address the national requirement to position the UK as the leading innovator in advanced propulsion systems; the world’s most adaptable and advanced fully immersive drive-in car simulator. There will be close working on collaborative research projects with the research councils and the department of Business Innovation and Skills. Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors will also use the NAIC to take forward autonomous vehicles research through a £19m Autodrive UK project.

Tue 17 Mar 2015, 16:18 | Tags: NAIC Partnerships Visits

Science Minister announces £65 million research programme for WMG at University of Warwick

Professor Lord BhattacharyyaMinister for Universities and Science, David Willetts has announced today, Thursday 10th July 2014, a £65 million pound research programme for WMG at the University of Warwick in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.

The funding will help to create an Advanced Propulsion Research Laboratory within the National Automotive Innovation Centre. The Programme will link people, research and world-leading infrastructure, to create next-generation technologies in the propulsion systems that are central to the future competitiveness of the automotive industry. The research scope will focus on internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric systems, lightweight vehicle technology and advanced automotive control systems.

Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, the Chairman of WMG, said:

Industry faces unprecedented challenges as the world moves to a low-carbon technology model, reinforced by escalating energy costs and legislation imposing strict emissions limits. It is forecast that by 2040 almost none of Europe’s new cars will be powered solely by a traditional engine. The Advanced Propulsion Research Laboratory will lead research to address these arising needs, transforming the research and innovation landscape and positioning the UK as a leading innovator in propulsion systems.”

The APRL is one of three projects, announced today by the Minister for Universities and Science, from the third round of the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF). This brings the total number of successful projects across the three funding rounds to 25. Universities have received £350 million in public funding, and have secured at least double that amount of investment from businesses or charities, together delivering more than £1.3 billion of new funding for research.

The University of Warwick and WMG’s industrial partner in the project is Jaguar Land Rover. The total value of the APRL project is over £65 million. The UKRPIF award is £14.5 million with further co-investment of £51 million

Thu 10 Jul 2014, 16:06 | Tags: NAIC Partnerships Research

Jaguar Land Rover Professorial Chair in Advanced Propulsion Systems for NAIC is appointed

Dave GreenwoodJaguar Land Rover and WMG, at the University of Warwick, have appointed Professor David Greenwood as the Jaguar Land Rover Professorial Chair in Advanced Propulsion Systems for the National Automotive Innovation Centre.

Jaguar Land Rover announced last year that it would invest £1.4m in the new position to lead a world-class team of international researchers to advance new and innovative propulsion systems. Professor Greenwood will take up the position, at WMG, on April 7th.

The new Chair is a key element of a long-term strategic plan at the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) that will create a new research base that will enhance the UK’s capacity and capability in key areas of automotive research. These systems will be essential to enable the UK automotive industry to embrace and robustly deploy new vehicle technologies and deliver a low carbon future, which will have a major impact on the supply chain and the wider economy.

WMG and Jaguar Land Rover take key step to building National Automotive Innovation Campus

Dr Epple, JLR, Professor Stuart Croft, University of Warwick,  Dr Ralf Speth, JLR, Mr Ken Sloan, University of Warwick, Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, WMG and Mrs Rosie Drinkwater, University of WarwickThe University of Warwick, WMG and Jaguar Land Rover have agreed, and signed, the Heads of Terms for the construction of the National Automotive Innovation Campus.

The National Automotive Innovation Campus (NAIC) is a unique Research and Development facility for the UK automotive industry. An iconic £100m building will provide an environment that will foster collaboration, cohesion and cross-fertilisation of knowledge. NAIC will provide a national focus for research capability by combining the expertise nationally and internationally from industry, universities, supply chain companies and SMEs. Over 900 staff from academic and industry teams from WMG, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors European Technology Centre and other partners will work collaboratively on research projects to deliver world-class breakthrough products, processes and services.

The agreement will enable the delivery of this 30,000m2 unique and state-of-the-art facility, which will include engineering, labs and powertrain facilities, virtual reality areas, design studio, demonstration and education facilities.

Mon 28 Oct 2013, 09:58 | Tags: NAIC Materials and Manufacturing Partnerships Research

Jaguar Land Rover creates new Advanced Propulsion Systems Professorial Chair at NAIC

Jaguar Land RoverJaguar Land Rover has announced a £1.4m investment, over 5 years, to create a new Chair (Professor) at the National Automotive Innovation Campus (NAIC) with WMG at the University of Warwick.

The Chair will lead a world-class team which will achieve international research leadership in advanced propulsion systems. These systems will be essential to enable the UK automotive industry to embrace and robustly deploy new vehicle technologies and deliver a low carbon future.

The new Chair is part of a long- term strategic activity at NAIC that will ensure that this new research base enhances the UK’s capacity and capability in key research areas which will have a major impact on the supply chain and the wider economy.

Mon 22 Jul 2013, 12:43 | Tags: NAIC Partnerships Research

£7m funding for WMG in Robotics and Intelligent Vehicle research

National Automotive Innovation Campus ImpressionIt has been announced today, July 17th 2013, that WMG at the University of Warwick will receive over £7m funding to research ‘The Smart and Connected Vehicle’.

Through the National Automotive Innovation Campus (NAIC), robotics and autonomous systems research will lead the development and implementation of intelligent vehicles.

Co-funded by EPSRC (over £3m) and industry (over £3.5m), the research will focus on the long-term multi-disciplinary research challenges identified by the industry.

A multi-sensory virtual real-world environment will be built in NAIC which will enable intelligent vehicle systems to be developed to learn driver behaviour.

The systems will be optimised to enable drivers to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, assist monotonous tasks and react to hazards, increasing vehicle safety. The research will be delivered with leading academics and industry groups.

The new facility will support the extensive and world-leading research capability at WMG, and in the network of international universities collaborating with industry through NAIC.

Wed 17 Jul 2013, 11:35 | Tags: NAIC Partnerships Research

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