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The digital journey – are you ready?

Are you a business who could benefit from automating your manufacturing processes?

Breakfast session with our experts: Wednesday 27th June, 8am to 10am

Our Business Team are holding a breakfast meeting, on Wednesday 27 June, to help businesses prepare and take advantage of the revolution in digital industry.

This session will show how collecting data can give you a greater insight into how to run your machines and operations more effectively, plan maintenance and introduce new processes without scarifying productivity. It will also show how new measurement techniques can give greater in-line data and how computer control has led to an entirely new way to make things.

WMG announce partnership with clean energy solution company Intelligent Energy

Battery lineWMG at the University of Warwick are partnering with clean energy solution company Intelligent Energy to help develop manufacturing technologies via an advanced proof of process assembly line to significantly reduce the time to manufacture Intelligent Energy’s latest advanced air cooled fuel cell design, leading to a blueprint for a future fully integrated assembly and test line.

The 3 year, €3.5 million EU funded DIGIMAN programme brings together WMG at the University of Warwick, Intelligent Energy, Freudenberg, Pretexo, CEA Tech, and Toyota Motor Europe in a project pulling together the latest techniques in digital manufacture and automation in stack production processes to create a state of the art fuel cell manufacturing process for zero emission vehicles. The fuel cell’s use of air cooling gives the fuel cell significant efficiencies – particularly by reducing the weight of the device.

Thu 11 May 2017, 10:54 | Tags: Partnerships Automation Systems Research

WMG to demo high-tech machining at DMG / MORI SEIKI event

WMG Engineering HallWMG is to take part in a live demonstration of cutting edge machining technology as part of a technology seminar being run in Coventry by DMG / Mori Seiki next week.

The Ultrasonic Technology Seminar will focus on innovative machining strategies for challenging high-tech materials. As part of the seminar, attendees will visit WMG’s facilities to see the Ultrasonic 65 monoBLOCK in action.

WMG has a long-standing partnership with DMG / Mori Seiki and has recently taken delivery of the Ultrasonic 65 monoBLOCK at its International Manufacturing Centre workshop. The machine is capable of assisting conventional machining operations with the addition of ultrasonic vibrations which have been shown to significantly reduce the damage caused to materials which are difficult to machine, such as carbon fibre composites, while also improving the finished surface.

Thu 03 October 2013, 16:00 | Tags: Machining Partnerships Automation Systems Research

Robot welding gets 5 times faster as €4 Million project replaces guess work with maths

Remote Laser Welding (RLW) is rapidly emerging as a powerful replacement for spot welding technology in vehicle manufacturing. It promises 5 times the speed of spot welding and far more efficiency – however this can only be achieved through a frustrating process of guess work and trial and error today. Now WMG at the University of Warwick has been awarded 4 Million Euros by the European Commission Framework 7 Programme (FP7) to lead a project that will replace guess work and wasteful trial & error with precise mathematical modelling that will quickly deliver the efficiencies manufacturers want from this process.

Tue 31 January 2012, 09:08 | Tags: Automation Systems Research