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Anna Alvarez Reguera

It’s the future

From a young age I have always been interested in STEM subjects. My father is a Mechanical Engineer in my native Spain, and he always told me to focus on studying science because ‘it is the future.’ And he’s right.

After school I studied Chemistry at University in Barcelona before going on to become a Quality Manager.

Moving to the UK

Moving to the UK was one of the biggest challenges for me. My husband and I arrived in the UK with basic English. We had to find our way around plus apply for jobs, which was all pretty daunting.

I first came across WMG in 2017. My husband had applied for a PhD and whilst helping him to do some initial research I came across a Process Technician role. It felt like the perfect opportunity for me to get back into the labs properly and help me progress to a Project Engineer position.

Working at WMG

I’ve worked here for nearly three years now. It’s a great place to work, you will always find someone to help and advise you. The willingness of the whole team to help and to inspire is just brilliant. Everyone appreciates the importance of working together to achieve more.

I’ve had some wonderful opportunities at WMG and I’ve always been encouraged to challenge myself too. So much so that I’ll be starting my PhD Recycling of steel by-product very soon.

Don’t undervalue yourself

Sometimes a career in STEM can seem a little overwhelming, but my advice to others is this ‘don’t under value yourself.’ There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it – always believe in yourself.

I often think back to my cousin’s story. When he was at high school the careers advisor told him not to aim too high as he may not be good enough to succeed in his chosen career. Needless to say he passed with flying colours and even has a PhD of his own!

We’ve really settled here now. My husband has a year left on his PhD and I’m about to start mine. Whilst I miss my family and friends in Spain, it is the UK that I call home now.



Anna Alvarez Reguera