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Bethany Haynes

Growing up

As a young child I was always playing with Jenga blocks and Lego. Each Christmas we would go to the German festive market where I was drawn to the wooden toy stalls. I was fascinated by how the toys were made.

It came as no surprise that, at secondary school, I excelled in practical subjects, coming out with top marks for Product Design. After taking A levels in Drama, Geography and Product Design, I went on to study Joinery at College. I was the only female on the course, but I grew up with three brothers so I’ve always felt at ease in male company.

Bethany's chess boardIt was when I started college that I got my first wood chisel set so I was able to start making things at home. They are my pride and joy, and I still use them to this day. The best thing I’ve made, so far, was a chess board for my brother. I designed and made the board, and more recently 3D printed the pieces to complete the set.

Role models

There was a Technician, at my secondary school, that I really looked up to. He was knowledgeable, patient and he was always pushing me to achieve more. When he retired, the school created a new apprenticeship position, which I was lucky enough to get. I was so proud of myself, as was he.

Once I completed my apprenticeship I worked as a Construction Technician at City College Coventry and then moved to WMG Academy in Coventry. It was here that I first heard about WMG, it sounded incredible and I was eager to learn more.

I’ve worked at WMG as a Technician for nearly two and a half years now. Every day is different and I get to work on a really good variety of projects. I’m also lucky enough to help out with Outreach activity working with young engineers - which I love.

There’s a great team of Technicians here all with different areas and levels of expertise. It’s a great atmosphere and we all support each other.

Challenges of my role

I’ve faced plenty of technical challenges along the way whilst figuring out how to make my wild ideas come to life! During my apprenticeship I’d spend my lunch breaks trying things out so I could help the children with their designs.

Go for it

Starting anything new can be daunting, but if you’re passionate about something just go for it.

I recently bought my own house with my partner who is also a Technician at WMG. We both share a passion for making things so much so that we are now creating our own workshop at home.

Bethany Haynes