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Katerina Gonos, Graduate Trainee Engineer

At school, I was always very good at science. I was also a total bookworm, and was fascinated by the Horrible Science series.

At sixth form, therefore, it was a natural choice for me to study the three core sciences, Maths and English. My science teachers in particular were incredible, and extremely supportive and encouraging. It was my time at sixth form, and these teachers, that inspired me to study Chemistry at the University of Warwick.

After graduation I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I applied for WMG’s Graduate Trainee Programme because, for me, it bridged the gap between study and work perfectly. The pathway I chose (Energy Storage) also appealed to my interest and specialisation in electrochemistry.

I’m currently part of the Electrochemical Engineering team, focusing on battery degradation. Most days you will find me in the lab making and then testing electrodes as part of the Faraday Institution Battery Degradation Project.


For the first time in my career I’m working as part of a team, and am in close contact with technicians, PhD students, project managers and research engineers. It is crucial for my career development, and I absolutely love the opportunity to see the project from a range of perspectives.

When I graduated initially, the thought of further studying really didn’t appeal, but now just a few months in to the Programme it is already something I would be open to. Energy storage really excites me, and I’m thinking a PhD in industrial research could be the perfect path for me to take in future.

Katerina Gonos

Katerina Gonos

Graduate Trainee Engineer