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Mel Loveridge, Senior Research Fellow

Never compromise your passion

I grew up in Pontypridd near Cardiff, and my family had very different interests to me. My mother was a nurse and my sister has followed the same path. My father worked in the paper mill industry. Although my family has always been very supportive of my choices, I discovered my love of science myself.

Young scientist

As a child, I loved chemistry. From about seven years old I had various chemistry kits and really enjoyed carrying out little experiments. I also loved anatomy and taking things apart to see how they worked. I was fascinated with skeletons, and built up an impressive toy collection. Although I loved the little skeleton models and toys that people bought me, what I really wanted was a larger model that I could study more closely.

At school I loved and excelled in maths too. Not surprisingly, some of my teachers suggested accountancy might be a good career for me. But science was, and still is, my true love, and I believe you should never compromise your passion.

After school, my love for science continued and I went on to study Biochemistry before completing my PhD in corrosion and electrochemistry at the Material Research Centre at Swansea University.

Working at WMG

I joined WMG in 2014 as a Research Fellow. A year later I was promoted to a Senior Research Fellow in the Electrochemical Engineering and Materials research team.

Battery science and innovation is growing in significance, and fast! It is a great place to work – we are an academic department carrying out ‘timely research’ supported by industry. That collaboration (between academia and industry) feels so unique, as do the people and facilities here.


Dr Mel Loveridge

Associate Professor

 Electrochemical Engineering