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Return to Work Support

Support offered includes:


  • A meeting takes place prior to the leave to discuss preferred contact methods, if any, during leave, to provide support if needed on maternity/adoption leave salary options, and discuss any support than can be pre-arranged for the return to work. e.g. extension of probationary period for academic staff, an Assistant Professor who is planning to take 12 months leave would be provided with an extension of 18 months to the probationary period to allow additional time for research and publications.
  • Staff are kept informed of relevant developments during absence including policy changes, staff and departmental changes.
  • The offer of paid ‘Keeping in Touch’ (KIT) days throughout maternity or adoption leave allowing for attendance at relevant meetings, bid submissions etc, helping to keep on track and reducing the pressure when returning to work.
  • Return to work interview with either HR or Line Manager to review workload and discuss training needs. This is scheduled to take place within the first month of return. e.g. the provision of a PhD student for a returning Associate Professor and a reduction in teaching workload to allow additional time for research and publications.
  • Availability of University-wide Returning Parents Group.

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