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In December each year all Academic, Research and Teaching staff are invited to attend a session providing career advancement information in particular on the promotion process within the University. There are two sessions, with one specifically for women, facilitated by the Director of HR.


These sessions complement the University Demystifying Warwick Promotion Process events, and further explain the University’s promotions process, including useful tips on areas of development.

Each spring, staff are invited to submit expressions of interest for promotion, along with their CV to the department’s Promotions Committee. The Promotions Committee also considers all members of academic staff that are eligible for promotion, whether they have expressed an interest or not, and if appropriate the committee may invite an individual to submit a CV for consideration.


Following the Promotion Committee meeting, the Academic Director, Director of Administration (Operations & HR) and Senior Administrative Officer (HR) would proceed to work with individuals to prepare and finesse their case.

Detailed one-to-one sessions are held with all individuals being submitted for promotion to ensure paperwork is complete. Individuals are given advice on the presentation of their CV, and they are helped to identify any development needs which may need to be addressed before a submission can be made. Identification of opportunities for members of staff to engage more widely within the department and the University through participation on committees or advisory groups is made, in addition to support to other activities such as student project supervision and events, including VIP visits and open days. Academic staff members on probation are strongly encouraged to take an active role in departmental committee and/or outreach activities as part of their career development.


Promotion Briefing Sessions