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The self-assessment team is a committee in place to ensure the Athena SWAN self-assessment process take place correctly. The team includes at least one representative from each staff group comprising of a mixture of grades and roles representing different stages of the career ladder, and also includes student representation.

The self-assessment team meet once every two months monitoring the progres of the current action plan, inputting into new submissions and analysing data to monitor trends and identify new actions where needed.

The WMG Welfare and Communications Group also acts a reviewing panel for the Athena Swan actions in the department, with a continual agenda item in place. This allows the group to both feed into progress made, new initiatives and also continue to raise the profile of Athena Swan and it's benefits department wide.

The Group will include a representative from each staff category and from the research students. Membership of this Group will normally be for an initial period of 12 months. The Welfare and Communications Group reports directly to the Operational Executive Group (OEG).

Self Assessment Group Members 2018/19

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