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Software Developer


University of Warwick
T:   02476524604

Research Interests

Semantic-Ontology Predictive Modelling, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Knowledge-Based System Integration.


Jiayi Zhang is a Software Developer at WMG. He received his PhD in Automation Systems from the Department of WMG, University of Warwick. He received his B.E. degree in Software Engineering and M.Sc. degree in Computing, respectively, from Tianjin Normal University (China) and University of Teesside (United Kingdom). His main research interests are semantic-ontology predictive modelling, intelligent manufacturing, and knowledge-based system integration.

He has worked as an IT engineer, participating in different manufacturing projects related to software development technologies, ontology modelling design, and semantic data analysis. Currently, he is researcher and software developer of the Automation Systems Group at WMG. He has been working closely with the automotive industry on several collaborative research projects focusing on data integration system, automated ontology generation and audio emotion analysis. His current projects include Smart Seat Manufacturing (Real-time process data analysis), Lear Smart Manufacturing (Product-Process-Resource data integration), vueOne auto code generation.