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  • Dhadyalla, G., Yang, C. P., Marco, James, Jennings, P. A.. 2018. Real-time sequence testing of an automotive electric machine control systems. SAE Technical Papers, View
  • Birrell, Stewart A., Wilson, Daniel, Yang, C. P., Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.). 2015. How driver behaviour and parking alignment affects inductive charging systems for electric vehicles. Transportation Research Part C : Emerging Technologies, 58 (Part D), pp. 721-731, View
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  • Yang, C. P., Smith, Paul. A., Dolman, Geoffrey, Button, Timothy. W., Price, Tim, Iddles, David. 2010. Barium strontium titanate dielectric helical resonators. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 30 (2), pp. 355-358, View
  • Yang, C. P., Smith, Paul A., Dolman, Geoffrey, Button, Timothy W., Cruickshank, David. 2009. Helical ferrite devices for non-reciprocal applications. Ferroelectrics, 387 (1), pp. 197-203, View

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