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  • Loveridge, Melanie, Tan, Chaou C., Maddar, Faduma, Guillaume, Remy, Abbott, Mike, Dixon, Shaun, McMahon, Richard A., Curnick, Ollie, Ellis, Mark, Lain, Mike J., Barai, Anup, Amor-Segan, Mark, Bhagat, Rohit, Greenwood, David G.. 2019. Temperature considerations for charging Li-ion batteries : inductive vs. mains charging modes for portable electronic devices. ACS Energy Letters, 4 (5), pp. 1086-1091, View
  • Taylor, James, Barai, Anup, Rajan, Ashwin T., Guo, Yue, Amor-Segan, Mark, Marco, James. 2019. An insight into the errors and uncertainty of the lithium-ion battery characterisation experiments. Journal of Energy Storage, 40, View
  • Loveridge, Melanie, Remy, Guillaume, Kourra, Nadia, Genieser, Ronny, Barai, Anup, Lain, Mike J., Guo, Yue, Amor-Segan, Mark, Williams, Mark A., Amietszajew, Tazdin, Ellis, Mark, Bhagat, Rohit, Greenwood, David G.. 2018. Looking deeper into the galaxy (note 7). Batteries, 4 (3), View
  • Taylor, J. E. (James E.), Amor-Segan, Mark, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jones, R. Peter. 2014. Discerning the operational state of a vehicle's distributed electronic systems from vehicle network traffic for use as a fault detection and diagnosis tool. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, Volume 15 (Number 3), pp. 441-449, View
  • Huang, Yingping, McMurran, Ross, Amor-Segan, Mark, Dhadyalla, Gunwant, Jones, R. Peter, Bennett, Peter, Mouzakitis, Alexandros, Kieloch, Jan. 2010. Development of an automated testing system for vehicle infotainment system. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.51 (No.1-4), pp. 233-246, View

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