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  • Millington, Joseph, Monfared, Radmehr P, Vera, Daniel A.. 2019. Innovative mechanism to identify robot alignment in an automation system. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 114, pp. 144-154, View
  • Ahmad, Mussawar, Ferrer, Borja Ramis, Ahmad, Bilal, Vera, Daniel, Martinez Lastra, Jose L., Harrison, Robert. 2018. Knowledge-based PPR modelling for assembly automation. CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 21, pp. 33-46, View
  • Alkan, Bugra, Vera, Daniel A., Ahmad, Bilal, Harrison, Robert. 2017. A method to assess assembly complexity of industrial products in early design phase. IEEE Access, View
  • Alkan, Bugra, Vera, Daniel A., Ahmad, Mussawar, Harrison, Robert. 2017. Complexity in manufacturing systems and its measures : a literature review. European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 12 (1), pp. 116-150, View
  • Kaniappan Chinnathai, Malarvizhi, Günther, Till, Ahmad, Mussawar, Stocker, Cosima, Richter, Lukas, Schreiner, David, Vera, Daniel A., Reinhart, Gunther, Harrison, Robert. 2017. An application of physical flexibility and software reconfigurability for the automation of battery module assembly. Procedia CIRP, 63, pp. 604-609, View
  • Harrison, Robert, West, A., Vera, Daniel A.. 2009. Innovative virtual prototyping environment for reconfigurable manufacturing system engineering. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Volume 223 (Number 6), pp. 609-621, View

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