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  • Dasgupta, Soumyadeep, Saleem, Sooraj, Srirangam, Prakash, Auinger, Michael, Roy, Gour G.. 2020. A computational study on the reduction behavior of iron ore carbon composite pellets in both single and multi-layer bed rotary hearth furnace. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 51 (2), pp. 818-826, View
  • Karimi, Aurash, Auinger, Michael. 2020. Thermodynamics of the iron-nitrogen system with vacancies. From first principles to applications. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 821, View
  • SenGupta, A., Santillana, B., Sridhar, S., Auinger, Michael. 2019. Dendrite growth direction measurements : understanding the solute advancement in continuous casting of steel. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 529 (1), View
  • SenGupta, Arunava, Santillana, Begona, Sridhar, Seetharaman, Auinger, Michael. 2019. Transient effect of fluid flow on dendrite growth direction in binary Fe-C alloys using Phase-Field in OpenFOAM. JOM Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 71 (11), pp. 3876-3884, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Müller-Lorenz, E. -M., Rohwerder, Michael. 2015. Modelling and experiment of selective oxidation and nitridation of binary model alloys at 700°C - the systems Fe, 1wt.%{Al, Cr, Mn, Si}. Corrosion Science, Volume 90, pp. 503-510, View
  • Laska, Claudius A., Auinger, Michael, Biedermann, P.Ulrich, Iqbal, Danish, Laska, Nadine, De Strycker, Joost, Mayrhofer, Karl J.J.. 2015. Effect of hydrogen carbonate and chloride on zinc corrosion investigated by a scanning flow cell system. Electrochimica Acta, Volume 159, pp. 198-209, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Praig, Vera G., Linder, Bernhard, Danninger, H. (Herbert). 2015. Grain boundary oxidation in iron-based alloys, investigated by 18O enriched water vapour : the effect of mixed oxides in binary and ternary Fe-{Al, Cr, Mn, Si} systems. Corrosion Science, 96, pp. 133-143, View
  • Bott, J. H., Yin, H., Sridhar, Seetharaman, Auinger, Michael. 2015. Theoretical and experimental analysis of selective oxide and nitride formation in Fe-Al alloys. Corrosion Science, Volume 91, pp. 37-45, View
  • Auinger, Michael. 2014. Hydrogen transport in non-ideal crystalline materials. ChemPhysChem, Volume 15 (Number 14), pp. 2893-2902, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Vogel, A., Vogel, D., Rohwerder, Michael. 2014. Early stages of oxidation observed by in situ thermogravimetry in low pressure atmospheres. Corrosion Science, Volume 86, pp. 183-188, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Ebbinghaus, P., Blümich, A., Erbe, A.. 2014. Effect of surface roughness on optical heating of metals. Journal of the European Optical Society : Rapid Publications, Volume 9, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Vogel, A., Praig, V. G., Danninger, H., Rohwerder, Michael. 2013. Thermogravimetry and insitu mass spectrometry at high temperatures compared to thermochemical modelling - the weight loss during selective decarburisation at 800°C. Corrosion Science, Volume 78, pp. 188-192, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Vogel, D., Vogel, A., Spiegel, M., Rohwerder, Michael. 2013. A novel laboratory set-up for investigating surface and interface reactions during short term annealing cycles at high temperatures. Review of Scientific Instruments, Volume 84 (Number 8), View
  • Topalov, Angel A., Katsounaros, Ioannis, Auinger, Michael, Cherevko, Serhiy, Meier, Josef C., Klemm, Sebastian O., Mayrhofer, Karl J. J.. 2012. Dissolution of platinum : limits for the deployment of electrochemical energy conversion?. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 51 (Number 50), pp. 12613-12615, View
  • Khan, Tabrisur Rahman, Erbe, Andreas, Auinger, Michael, Marlow, Frank, Rohwerder, Michael. 2011. Electrodeposition of zinc-silica composite coatings : challenges in incorporating functionalized silica particles into a zinc matrix. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Volume 12 (Number 5), View
  • Auinger, Michael, Katsounaros, Ioannis, Meier, Josef C., Klemm, Sebastian O., Biedermann, P. Ulrich, Topalov, Angel A., Rohwerder, Michael, Mayrhofer, Karl J. J.. 2011. Near-surface ion distribution and buffer effects during electrochemical reactions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Volume 13 (Number 36), View
  • Katsounaros, Ioannis, Meier, Josef C., Klemm, Sebastian O., Topalov, Angel A., Biedermann, P. Ulrich, Auinger, Michael, Mayrhofer, Karl J. J.. 2011. The effective surface pH during reactions at the solid-liquid interface. Electrochemistry Communications, Volume 13 (Number 6), pp. 634-637, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Naraparaju, R., Christ, H. -J., Rohwerder, Michael. 2011. Modelling high temperature oxidation in iron-chromium systems : combined kinetic and thermodynamic calculation of the long-term behaviour and experimental verification. Oxidation of Metals, Volume 76 (Number 3-4), pp. 247-258, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Rohwerder, Michael. 2011. Kopplung von diffusion und thermodynamik : am Beispiel des Gasnitrierens. HTM Journal of Heat Treatment and Materials, Volume 66 (Number 2), pp. 100-102, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Borodin, Sergiy, Swaminathan, Srinivasan, Rohwerder, Michael. 2011. Thermodynamic stability and reaction sequence for high temperature oxidation processes in steels. Materials Science Forum, Volume 696, pp. 76-81, View
  • Skabara, P., Kanibolotsky, A., Forgie, J., McEntee, G., Talpur, M., Westgate, T., McDouall, J., Auinger, Michael, Coles, S., Hursthouse, M.. 2010. Lights, charge transfer, action!. Synfacts, Volume 2010 (Number 2), pp. 0167-0167, View
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  • Kanibolotsky, Alexander L., Forgie, John C., McEntee, Greg J., Talpur, M. Munsif A., Skabara, Peter J., Westgate, Thomas D. J., McDouall, Joseph J. W., Auinger, Michael, Coles, Simon J., Hursthouse, Michael B.. 2009. Controlling the conformational changes in donor-acceptor [4]-dendralenes through intramolecular charge-transfer processes. Chemistry - A European Journal, Volume 15 (Number 43), pp. 11581-11593, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Gritzner, Gerhard. 2008. Magnesium diboride films on iron substrates. Superconductor Science and Technology, Volume 21 (Number 1), View
  • Gritzner, G., Takacs, R., Auinger, Michael. 2008. Statistical evaluations of single-ion Gibbs energies of transfer. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry / Elektrokhimiya, Volume 44 (Number 1), pp. 7-15, View
  • Auinger, Michael, Gritzner, G., Bertrand, Ch., Galez, Ph., Soubeyroux, J. -L.. 2007. Formation pathways in the synthesis and properties of (Tl0.5Pb0.5)(Sr0.9Ba0.1)2Ca2Cu3Oz and (Tl0.5Pb0.5)(Sr0.8Ba0.2)2Ca2Cu3Oz-1223 superconductors. Superconductor Science and Technology, Volume 20 (Number 7), pp. 704-708, View
  • Singh, Th. B., Marjanovic´, N., Stadler, P., Auinger, Michael, Matt, G. J., Günes, S., Sariciftci, Niyazi Serdar, Schwödiauer, R., Bauer, S.. 2005. Fabrication and characterization of solution-processed methanofullerene-based organic field-effect transistors. Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 97 (Number 8), View

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