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APC Electrical Energy Storage Spoke

The role of the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) is to position the UK as a centre of excellence for low carbon propulsion development and production. The APC was established as a partnership between the UK government and automotive industry and provides funding, partnership facilitation and support services to help create and manage projects and activities which will drive investment in UK automotive.

WMG at the University of Warwick is the APC Spoke for Electrical Energy Storage.

WMG's role as a Spoke is to:

  • Act as ambassador for APC including encouraging the community to participate in Electrical Energy Storage APC projects
  • Provide expert input on Electrical Energy Storage, including global benchmark input to help maintain the UK capability to world class standing
  • Engage with organisations (industrial and academic) to build an open and transparent community around Electrical Energy Storage
  • Host events and activities with the Spoke community addressing:
    • the development of strategic roadmaps for Electrical Energy Storage
    • significant challenges that the UK community needs to address
    • areas of investment necessary to ensure that the community has open access to world class facilities
    • curriculum requirement in the development of courses from technician to postgraduate level
    • networking and consortia formation

Recent activities:

Recent APC Spoke events and activities have included:

  • APC / EPSRC Royal Institution Seminar Series: Future of Technology
  • Automotive Council Technology Roadmap Refresh
  • EPSRC-funded research feasibility studies
  • School Outreach activities: Greenpower / IET Formula Goblin Project
  • Academic - industrial themed events and networking opportunities

Battery Scale Up



APC Spoke Contacts:

Professor David Greenwood
Electrical Energy Storage Spoke Lead

Carla Shepherd
Spoke Manager,
Electrical Energy Storage