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Industry 4.0

The theme of this year's Summer School is Industry 4.0. The week long intensive course aims to promote discussion on engineering methods for the design, development and implementation of the next generation of intelligent automation system.

What is anticipated to be the 4th industrial revolution, offers a vision of a smart and cyber-physical factory. Composed by many intelligent cyber-physical components, such a factory will be able to constantly adjust it's own operation depending on production requirements and context. The factory components will understand and communicate with each other and in the case of system faults and failures, be able to take over each other’s roles dynamically. They will constantly collect system information which they will use to improve and adjust their own operation.

The smart factory will offer an infinite amount of possible products to be manufactured. As the robots, stations, tools and conveyor systems are plug and produce, the factory can be instantly reconfigured to adapt to the new products, with virtually zero system setup and ramp-up time.

The technologies to realise such factories are being developed today and during the Summer School students will have a unique opportunity to learn from well renowned experts about the technologies, design principles, current state of development and challenges in such an exciting area of research and development.

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