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The knowledge and learning gained in the diagnosis of the first-generation modules and packs from AMPLiFII will enable the methodologies developed to be used in future product diagnostics both across the partners and at WMG. It will also enhance and develop new knowledge, technology and facilities based on the learning gained in the original AMPLiFII project to further support UK industries from AMPLiFII into the industrial and commercial arena. During the project, the already existing pilot line will be enhanced to manufacture modules with a range of cylindrical cell. The line modeling, simulation and data collection will also be enhanced together with the enabling of the pilot system to support associated Industry 4.0 and digitalization development and proving activities, e.g. via th3e creation of electronic work instructions, digital process validation and analytics.

Wed 14 November 2018, 15:01 | Tags: Current projects

Smart Seat-Manufacturing (SSM)

Smart Seat-Manufacturing (SSM) – Digitally Automated Quality-Driven Finishing Processes

Mon 24 September 2018, 09:57 | Tags: Current projects


The Arrowhead project aims to address the technical and applicative challenges associated with cooperative automation. Cooperative automation is enabled by the technology developed around the Internet of Things and Service Oriented Architectures. It is the key to the dynamic interactions between energy producers and energy consumers, between machines, between systems, between people and systems.

Mon 09 July 2018, 14:49 | Tags: Current projects

Knowledge Driven Configurable Manufacturing (KDCM)

This project focuses on component-based modular reconfigurable systems, i.e. manufacturing systems that are built up from various elements and assembled together, in a similar fashion to building with 'Lego'. The research programme aims to create self-reconfiguring manufacturing systems, where knowledge captured within the system drives future design optimisation in order to enable a radical improvement in manufacturing effectiveness and sustainability.

Wed 04 July 2018, 13:00 | Tags: Current projects


DigiMan is a €3.5 million EU funded programme within which WMG is working together with Intelligent Energy, Freudenberg, Pretexo, CEA Tech, and Toyota Motor Europe. The project is utilising the latest techniques in digital manufacture and automation in stack production processes to create a state of the art PEM fuel cell assembly process for zero emission automotive vehicles.

Tue 03 July 2018, 15:00 | Tags: Current projects


AMPLiFII, is an Innovate UK project, the aim of which is to build and research the next generation of traction batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles. The best automated and manual assembly methods for the assembly of battery modules are demonstrated as part of this project. The battery pack requirements are specified by four major OEMs; Jaguar Land Rover, ADL, Ariel and JCB. Design and development of the battery systems is done by Delta Motorsport, Potenza, RDVS, PAISEU and Trackwise. WMG, HORIBA MIRA, and the University of Oxford support the design, development and manufacturing of the process and Axion supports battery system lifecycle management. With the world now moving towards electric vehicle technology, the insights gained from the project will help lay foundation for smarter battery systems that could potentially reduce development cost and effort.

Wed 10 January 2018, 09:30 | Tags: Past projects

Direct Digital Deployment of Manufacturing Systems (3Deployment)

This project aims to create new software components for a sharable lightweight 3D visualisation of production stations capable of directly generating work instructions (MODAPTS /MTM) and process logic (for deployment on PLC and robots) from this visualisation, which can ultimately be monitored via the same 3D visualisation after the station is deployed in the factory. The production system is also, importantly, to be modelled in a component-based software form to enable the reuse of processes and system-configuration knowledge from a library.

Tue 09 January 2018, 09:30 | Tags: Past projects

Augmented Manufacturing Reality (AM Reality)

The project consortium consists of a major end user (Ford Motor company), three innovative SME as technology providers for the virtual environment (FDS), distributed sensor integration (i.e. InotecUK) and specialist engineering knowledge (DBR Associates), a major technology provider of CAD and digital data systems (Autodesk) and two major research organisations with extensive experience in manufacturing research, automation systems and virtual reality (High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute and WMG).

Mon 01 January 2018, 05:00 | Tags: Past projects