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AIM: Long-term strategy to grow automotive research capability. This is fully aligned with other planned investments in this area, and supports APC National Spoke for Electrochemical Energy Storage.

AMPLiFII 2 Project: The knowledge and learning gained in the diagnosis of the first-generation modules and packs from AMPLiFII will enable the methodologies developed to be used in future product diagnostics both across the partners and at WMG. It will also enhance and develop new knowledge, technology and facilities based on the learning gained in the original AMPLiFII project to further support UK industries from AMPLiFII into the industrial and commercial arena. During the project, the already existing pilot line will be enhanced to manufacture modules with a range of cylindrical cell. The line modeling, simulation and data collection will also be enhanced together with the enabling of the pilot system to support associated Industry 4.0 and digitalization development and proving activities, e.g. via th3e creation of electronic work instructions, digital process validation and analytics.

The facility will have a ‘digital twin’ enabling line process flow and performance modelling and analysis. This will in turn enable production cost modeling to take place- complimented by product costing activities during the product design phase. The pilot line will remain an open facility for UK companies and universities to conduct trials and future research in the area of module and battery pack manufacture. It is anticipated that the project partners will wish to use the facility for ongoing product improvements and down costing activities, to trial new materials and processes as they become available.