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Smart Seat-Manufacturing (SSM)

The focus of the SSM project is to develop novel solution to monitoring and validation of manual operations during car seat assembly processes.
The monitoring of the various manual operations required to achieve the assembly of the many component and sub-systems that compose modern car seats, is essential in ensuring product quality both from an aesthetic and functional aspects; The SSM project focuses on developing tool tracking solution that allow safety critical operations (e.g. AirBag, seat belt buckle and pre-tensioniing system), as well as quality critical operations (e.g. leather cover fitting) to be monitored and systematically validated.
The SSM project technical objectives covers the implementation of an operation monitoring and validation system based on optical position tracking technologies (encoder arms, passive and active optical tracking systems) and its deployment and integration in a live production environment: integration with production line and manual stations equipment, tooling and production management software (i.e. MES).