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E-business is not just about buying and selling, it is also about changing your business/industry, through better customer research, relationship building, product development, access to new markets, engaging customers and staff, and about finding and exploiting new opportunities. The e-business channel is usually the lowest cost channel for businesses to engage, design and deliver.

Our international experience with World Bank agencies, the Commonwealth and individual countries across e-business enables us to advise on the best use of the technology and the tools available to make a real difference to creating your business success. Current research on e-business models, e-marketplaces, smart supply chains, cloud applications for SMEs, designing and creating ontology to build smarter systems, can help you build a lower cost, smarter business.

Via our collaborative B2B marketplace cloud, used by over 10,000 businesses, we can help you to promote what you do, to find new opportunities, find new reliable partners to help you address the opportunities and to then undertake that work.

Our expertise will assist you in considering how collaborative supply networks and technology can be used to enable your company to change its approach to business.

Our collaborative research with IBM on methods and techniques to find and grab information, structure and semantically analyse it, and present it in engaging ways, is of emerging importance in the drive for smarter regions, cities, supply chains and businesses.

Current Research

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West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace, WMCCM, is a free online meeting and collaboration place for all Businesses in the West Midlands. Established in 2002 and Operated by the WMG at the University of Warwick and using European ERDF funding, WMCCM provides SMEs with advanced e-business tools, capability and support at no cost.

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IMAGINE is a Research & Development project, funded by the European Commission under the “Virtual Factories and Enterprises” theme of the 7th Framework Programme (FoF-ICT-2011.7.3, Grant Agreement No: 285132). The project targets the development and delivery of a novel comprehensive methodology and the respective platform for effective end-to-end management of dynamic manufacturing networks in an innovative plug and produce approach, and aims at supporting the emergence of a powerful new production model, based on community, collaboration, self-organisation and openness rather than on hierarchy and centralised control.
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Key Contact
Dr Jay Bal 

PhD Projects