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Service Systems Group Research Projects

The WMG Service Systems research group conducts research that is capable of solving real problems in practice, creating theoretical abstractions from practice to develop research that is relevant and applicable across all sectors of industry, so that the impact of our research is substantial. Here are some of our research projects:

Current Projects

  • CONTriVE: The £1.2m EPSRC-funded CONTriVE (Control and Trust as Moderating Mechanisms in addressing Vulnerability for the Design of Business and Economic Models) investigates whether and how increasing institutional concerns over the risks associated with data access, ownership, privacy and confidentiality are reflected in the perceptions of individual users. Find out more...
  • ACCEPT: The £1.1m EPSRC-funded ACCEPT (Addressing Cybersecurity and Cybercrime via a co-Evolutionary approach to reducing human-related risks) project which will study into how people’s behaviour can lead to cybersecurity risks, including how people become victims of cybercrimes, and also explore new personalised approaches to encourage more secure human behaviours and their impacts on individuals, organisations and society as a whole. Find out more...
  • Business Model Innovation Tool: In conjunction with Innovate UK, the Innovation Caucus has developed the Business Model Innovation (BMI) Tool to get companies thinking about their business model and business model innovation. Find out more...

Completed Projects







Service Systems research

Service Systems Research




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