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Service Design

There have been attempts to conceptually create a distinction between product and service; however, every difference identified seems to be able to be logically disassembled given different instances. Organisations moving toward a more service dominant business model agree the notable increase of speed that new offerings can be brought to the service market compared with the risk adverse stage gated processes associated with a product launch.

This new flexibility requires a deftness that seems illusive and is poorly documented by those able to display it. We have several streams of research investigating how new services are introduced, how they can be effectively measured, and the role effective design plays to redefine the business model itself.

We are working with DePuy Ltd., Johnson and Johnson group, as they develop new services. Through customer-centricity, they are discovering new product development opportunities, challenging academic preconceptions of the possibilities available for business growth.

We are researching how measurement of healtcare ought to be carried out to better reflect patient centricity and the new care model that demands for the care of chronic conditions.

Completed projects include:

We welcome future partners to discuss opportunities for knowledge transfer partnerships and research studentships.

Research Lead

Mairi Macintyre






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