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Enhancing the Learning Experience of a Lean NPI Game


Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL)

Project timeframe

October 2011 - March 2012




About the Project

Researchers from the Lean PPD project developed an educational game to teach the research output of the project as learning points. The Lean NPI game runs on a global scale, is fully scalable and can be taught to many different levels of experience.

The project's aim is to develop creative opportunities using current technology to enhance the learning experience of the game. Current technology outputs, which may take the form of a smartphone app, an iTunesU presentation, website design whilst utilising filming and editing technology, will also help to achieve a wider dissemination of the teaching material. The intention is to record the process of transforming research outputs into educational material. The project also aims to map out the processes that are covered when research outputs from industry are converted into educational material.

The findings of this research will be published in a few conferences, specifically INTED and EurOMA. Workshops will also be designed to disseminate the methodology so that other departments within the university can benefit.



  1. Mapping out the student’s learning journey
  2. Use of a questionnaire to determine how much learning is being transferred via the game
  3. Preparing paper edits for video production
  4. Filming students playing the game and editing over 200 hours of video to produce a 15 minute clip, showing how the game is played and emphasising the learning being conveyed
  5. Selecting specific technologies and tools based on availability and ease of use, to enhance how the game is being played
  6. Documenting and testing said tools and technologies
  7. Measuring learning styles against selected technologies and teaching methods, then presenting the findings in a tabular format
  8. Preparing abstracts and papers that cover the following topic areas: converting research outputs to educational games; enhancing the student learning journey using technology, and disseminating educational material using technology
  9. Based on the map, developing dialogue and scenes to assist in the creation of a cartoon depicting the student’s learning experience.



  1. Mapped out the student learning journey
  2. Produced a DVD showing the game being played which will be uploaded unto Youtube
  3. Developed a learning evaluation matrix to investigate and measure how the student journey is enhanced.
  4. Will develop a cartoon depicting the student learning journey.
  5. Successfully submitted two abstracts to INTED 2012 and subsequently submitted 2 papers
  6. Will present papers at INTED 2012 in Valencia this March  


Research Team

Nkoyo Essien – MSc Process Business Management, BSc (Hons) Chemical Engineering

Antariskh Srikumar – MSc Engineering Business Management, BTech Electronics and Communication

Kyriaki Hajikosta – MSc Programme and Project Management, BSc Computer Science



Publications/Research Outputs 


Srikumar, A., Essien, N., Hajikosta, K., Macintyre, M., and Martin, C., 2012. Transferring industrial knowledge to educational learning: The journey so far 6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference 5-7 March 2012 Valencia. INTED Publications

Hajikosta, K., Essien, N., Srikumar, A., O’toole, R., Macintyre, M., Wijgerden, A. V., and Martin, C., 2012. Enhancing the student learning journey through the use of technology. 6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference. 5-7 March 2012 Valencia. INTED Publications