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Service Systems Group Working Paper Series






The Market for Person-controlled Personal Data with the Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) 

Irene CL Ng


Co-creation in Service Assemblages for Service Innovation: An Empirical Investigation

Xiao Ma Susan Wakenshaw, Ahmad Issa & Jay Bal


Two Strands of Servitization: A Thematic Analysis of Traditional and Customer Co-created Servitization and Future Research Directions

Maxwell Green, Philip Davies & Irene CL Ng


HAT Briefing Paper 6 : Personal Data Exchange Ecosystem - Code of Practice Release 1

HAT Project Research Team


HAT Briefing Paper 5 : Rolling Out HATs and Creating the Market for Personal Data - The HAT Foundation. 

HAT Project Research Team


HAT Briefing Paper 4 - HAT Personal Data Exchange Ecosystem: Technology Architecture Briefing

HAT Project Research Team


Social Representations of Value: An Empirical Investigation

Susan Wakenshaw & Xiao Ma


Do Preference Reversals Disappear When We Allow for Probabilistic Choice?

Graham Loomes & Ganna Pogrebna

07/15 Consumer-focused Supply Chains: A Cross-case Comparison of Medicine Appeal and Acceptance in India, Uganda and Nigeria Peter Ward, Kate Kynvin
06/15 Big Data, Brand Loyalty, and Business Models: Accounting for Imprecision and Noise in Consumer Preferences Ganna Pogrebna
05/15 Servitization Through Human-data Interaction: A Behavioural Approach Ganna Pogrebna
03/15 HAT Briefing Paper 3 - The Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) Code of Practice on Personal Data
HAT Project Research Team
02/15 HAT Briefing Paper 2 - The Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) Economic Model of the Multi-Sided Market Platform and Ecosystem HAT Project Research Team

HAT Briefing Paper 1 - Engineering a Market for Personal Data: The Hub-of-all-Things (HAT)

HAT Project Research Team


Value Definitions and Consumer Consciousness


Susan YL Wakenshaw, Laura Phillips and Irene CL Ng


What Theories and Questions Can Be Brought to Bear in Support of Achieving Consumer-centric Supply Chains?

Peter Ward and David Sarley


A Fast and Economic Ontology Engineering Approach Towards Improving Capability Matching: Application to an Online Engineering Collaborative Platform

Xiao Ma, Jay Bal and Ahmad Issa

03/14 Patient-centric Healthcare Supply Chains in sub-Saharan Africa: State of the Art and Possible Implications Peter Ward
02/14  Life Satisfaction and Transition to Parenthood Ganna Pogrebna, Amelia Bourton & Dilly Anumba
01/14 Using Ontology Engineering for Understanding Needs and Allocating Resources in Web-based Industrial Virtual Collaboration Systems Xiao Ma, Jay Bal and Ahmad Issa
10/13 The Role of Marketing in the Design and Innovation of Future Products in the Connected Digital Economy
Irene CL Ng & Susan YL Wakenshaw
09/13 Measuring Individual Risk Attitudes When Preferences are Imprecise  Graham Loomes & Ganna Pogrebna


Expert Leaders in a Fast-Moving Environment

Amanda Goodall & Ganna Pogrebna


Transformation of Provider and Customer Organisations to Achieve Co‐capability in Outcome‐based Contracts : A Viable Service Systems Approach (full journal paper version)

Luciano Batista, Simon Davis‐Poynter, Irene C. L. Ng, Roger Maull


Exploring Store Loyalty from an Interpersonal Theory Perspective

Susan Wakenshaw & Helen Woodruffe-Burton


Contextual Variety, Internet-of-Things and the Choice of Tailoring over Platform: Mass Customisation Strategy in Supply Chain Management

I Ng, K Scharf, G Progrebna, R Maull


Service Strategy Transition – Product and Service Offerings in Medical Devices

I Velikanov, M Macintrye & J Angelis


New Business and Economic Models in the Connected Digital Economy  

Irene CL Ng


Sense-Making of Consumer Wellbeing in Information Technology-Enabled Services From A Relational Ontology Position

Susan YL Wakenshaw, Will Venters, Irene CL Ng, Ashley D Lloyd


Transformation of Provider and Customer Organisations to Achieve Co‐capability in Outcome‐based Contracts : A Viable Service Systems Approach (conference abstract version)

Luciano Batista, Simon Davis‐Poynter, Irene C. L. Ng, Roger Maull


S-D Logic Research Directions and Opportunities: The Perspective of Systems, Complexity and Engineering

ICL Ng, RD Badinelli, F Polese, P Di Nauta, H Löbler & S Halliday


Servitization and Operations Management: A Service-Dominant Logic Approach

LA Smith, RS Maull & ICL Ng


An Integrated Safety Measurement Model : A New Perspective for Performance Measurement

S Jones, M Macintyre & K Neailey


Viable Service Systems and Decision Making in Service Management

R Badinelli, S Barile, I Ng, F Polese, M Saviano, P Di Nauta


Continuing Use of Information Technology as Value Co-creation: The Role of Contextual Variety and Means Drivenness

I Ng, L Guo & Y Ding


Value, Variety and Viability: New Business Models for Co-Creation in Outcome-based Contracts

I Ng & G Briscoe


Transitioning from a Goods-Dominant to a Service-Dominant Logic: Visualising the Value Proposition of Rolls-Royce

I Ng, G Parry, L Smith, R Maull & G Briscoe


Outcome-based Contracts as New Business Model: The Role of Partnership and Value-driven Relational Assets

ICL Ng, X Ding & N Yip


 An Integrative Framework of Value

I Ng & L Smith


Reconceptualising Service through a Service-Dominant Logic

ICL Ng, SL Vargo & LA Smith


Service Systems for Value Co-Creation

L Smith & ICL Ng


The Working Paper series comprises articles written by WMG Service Systems researchers that have been submitted to journals and conferences.