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FMM2016 Outcomes

We would like to thank all of the attendees of FMM 2016 for their contribution to the conference. We hope that you enjoyed everything from the stimulating discussion to the social events. It was wonderful to see so many interesting ideas presented throughout the conference as well as continuing the tradition of dialogue and collaboration. As members of the S-D Logic community, we encourage you all to continue to push the boundaries of our understanding of S-D Logic and expand upon the constructs, theories and ideas expressed during the conference.

Thank you,

-The FMM 2016 Organising Committee

FMM2016 Proceedings

A compilation of the abstracts accepted for the FMM2016 Doctoral Consortium and Ideas Sessions. Click on the link above.

FMM 2016 Programme and Attendee Contact Details

This is the final programm containing all conference and social events as well as a list of attendees and thier contact email address. Click on the link above.

FMM2016 Presentations

Service-Dominant Logic: Status and Directions (Vargo & Lusch)

A significant number of presenters have raised concerns regarding sharing the content of their presentations. As a result, if you are interested in the content of a specific presentation, please contact the presenter directly.

Special Issues

There are two special issues which may be of interest to attendees Click on the titles for details:

1) Service Science Special Issue: Service-Dominant Logic: Institutions, Service Ecosystems, and Technology Deadline for full paper submissions: 1 December 2016

2) Journal of Service Management Special issue: Service-Dominant Logic, Service ecosystems and Institutions: Bridging Theory and Practice. Extended Abstract submission by 1 October 2016.


A selection of social media posts and pictures from the various events. Click on the link above.

FMM Facebook Group

If you haven't joined yet, feel free to use this to keep in touch and prepare for FMM 2018! Click on the link above.