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Tool Development

Through several of our research projects, we have developed the following tools which can be used by industry and the public sector to help improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

KT-Box: Increasing value generation from complex engineering services
  • Co-Creation Capability Assessment Tool (CCAT)
  • Service Transformation Tool (STT)
Lean PPD
  • LeanPPD Transformation Toolkit
  • LeanPPD Product Development Value Mapping Tool (PD-VMT)
  • LeanPPD Learning Kit
  • LeanPPD Value Identification and Waste Elimination Tool


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

KTPs involve bringing a highly skilled graduate to work on a strategic company project, with grant funding through the Technology Strategy Board's (TSB) business support programme. KTPs can range from one to three years during which our academic experts will assist the company and the individual graduate to create profitable change within organisations.

The Service Systems Group was involved in a KTP with DePuy Synthes of the Johnson and Johnson Group. KTP Associate Ivan Velikanov worked with DePuy Synthes on the implementation of service improvement practices in elective orthopaedic surgery, and has developed an Efficiency of Care (E-Care) concept.

The KTP aimed to:

  • Support and subsequently lead the development of ‘servitisation’ at DePuy.
  • Develop the understanding of the commercial potential by initially building an understanding of the potential service that can be offered by rigorous analysis of the process and then by testing the market value of this.
  • Lead the creation and assessment of the business case and ultimately the launch of the resulting enhanced service offering.

For more information about participating in a KTP with us, please click here for contact details.