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Connectivity and Wireless Communication

1.jpgThe demand for technological transformation in the automotive industry continues to accelerate, with demand for more seamless connectivity of services, and manufacture of vehicles with higher levels of autonomy. We’re working collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions that will enable vehicles to communicate with their own systems, those of other vehicles, and the wireless technologies in the wider infrastructure.

It's becoming more apparent that CAVs will have to rely not only on their own sensors and systems but also on those of other vehicles, the infrastructure, other users, and will need to cooperate with each other as part of the decision process. These trends pose significant challenges to the underlying connectivity systems, as increasing amounts of information must reach its destination reliably, within an exceedingly short time frame – beyond what most current wireless technologies can provide.

2.jpgWe are working to challenge current thinking, collaboratively innovate, and deliver assured solutions to the connectivity and wireless communications needs and aspirations of our partners across the CAV, Telecommunications and Infrastructure industries. We will cover a range of technologies, from incumbent IEEE 802.11p, DSRC, ITS-G5, 3G, 4G, through to the newer technologies, including taking a UK lead with the emergence of 5G in this application space. This will include leading the 5G component of Midlands Future Mobility.

--Our Research--


Alongside project delivery we strive to be at the forefront of our teaching activities, including the new MSc in Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (SCAV) and STEM Outreach activities.

MSc in Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (SCAV)


Dr Matthew Higgins

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