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Our team acquired the UK’s most advanced diagnostic and testing platform for a key part of the 5G spectrum - mmWave. This technology promises to deliver a step change in the amount of data that can be wirelessly transmitted, opening up opportunities for a range of new services and products, including those associated with enabling connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). We are already working with a range of industrial partners on connectivity, and the understanding and optimisation of user/customer interaction with driverless technology. This new facility will further enhance our vision to be the UK's “go to” CAV development platform providing unrivalled research and testing that will accelerate product introduction, infrastructure design and implementation. The technology developed will be transferable to other sectors beyond automotive.


We are currently integrating the new 5G mmWave technology platform into existing projects. Core to our methodology is the ability to evaluate early in the development cycle the potential use of 5G mmWave communications systems within project partners’ products. NIs leading platform provides us with both state of the art hardware, capable of transmitting real information in the frequency bands of choice, as well as access to the control software, providing agility when being deployed in real scenarios. This allows us to be ahead of the CR&D curve and further enhances our standing as the preferred partner within the UK's CAV community.



Publications and Press Releases

[Journal]: "Millimeter-Wave Communication for a Last-Mile Autonomous Transport Vehicle" in IEEE Access [DOI / UoW OA Research Repository]

[Press Release]: WMG has set an autonomous vehicle communications record using 5G [link]

[Press Release]: WMG has just acquired the UK’s most advanced diagnostic and testing platform for a key part of the 5G spectrum [link]