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Funder: Innovate UK

Partners: Jaguar Land Rover, Highways England, Inrix Uk Ltd, Ricardo UK Limited, Siemens Public Limited, West Midlands Combined Authority

Jaguar Land Rover is leading the AutopleX project to investigate pioneering safety technology for self-driving technology. The project combines connected, automated and live mapping tech to allow self-driving cars to ‘see’ and ‘talk’ to each other.

We're bringing scientific expertise to this project in the area of connected autonomous driving systems, V2X systems, physical and virtual validation, and cyber security. Using our vehicle simulation facilities, we're working with the project partners to create insight prior to physical tests, as well as post trial impact assessment in various scenarios that cannot be carried out in physical test due to the environmental restrictions. We're also advising the project team on cyber security aspects and will continuously assess resilience of the AutopleX systems against potential cyber-attacks.



Cloud-Assisted Real-Time Methods for Autonomy (Secure Cloud-based Distributed Control (SCDC) Systems for Connected Autonomous Cars)

Funder: EPSRC, JLR

Partners: University of Surrey, Transport Research Laboratory

The long term objective is to ultimately enable affordable driver-less cars, in the short term, the project aims to enable a number of demonstrable autonomous features in a test environment.



L3Pilot Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads

Funder: Horizon 2020 programme

Partners: Volkswagen AG, JLR, Daimler AG, Delphi

The European research project L3Pilot tests the viability of automated driving as a safe and efficient means of transportation on public roads. It will focus on large-scale piloting of SAE Level 3 functions, with additional assessment of some Level 4 functions. The functionality of the systems will be exposed to variable conditions with 1,000 drivers and 100 cars across ten European countries, including cross-border routes.


PETRAS Privacy, Ethics, Trust, Reliability, Acceptability and Security

Funder: EPSRC, Ordnance Survey

The PETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub is a consortium of eleven leading UK universities which will work together over the next three years to explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security.