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Catapult Open Innovation Vehicle Platform in front of the National Automotive Innovation Centre within the Prof. Lord Bhattacharyya Building.


The Catapult Open Innovation Vehicle Platform is an autonomous capable vehicle used to support research and development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle products and services.

The platform is highly modular, enabling both software and hardware components to be substituted with ease to support the rapid development and testing of novel concepts.

The vehicle is fitted with a drive-by-system, plus a suite of sensing, communication and computer equipment.


Equipment 1

  • National Instruments and Ettus SDRs (1.2GHz to 6GHz)
  • National Instruments PXIe 5840 Vector Signal Transceiver, 9kHz-6GHz, 1 GHz
  • Toby Eye tracker system
  • DSPACE Scalexio with Automotive System Libraries (ASM) including: Brakes, Electric Machines, Diesel and Petrol Engine, Vehicle Dynamics Environment etc.
  • High performance computers including Dell Presicion RACK 7190 Server Blade with Nvidia P6000 GPUs
  • Rohde & Schwarz Vector signal generator and analyser for frequencies between 100 kHz - 40 GHz and 60-90 GHz
  • National Instruments 5GNR signal generation and analysis for frequencies between 24.25-33.4 GHz, including payload delivery
  • Mirosys radar emulator (77GHz)
  • SIM2 HDR screen (6000 NITS)
  • Biopac Nomadix - Wireless EDA, ECG, Respiration, Pulse Oximetry
  • Spirent GSS7000 multi-frequency, multi-GNSS constellation simulator system


Catapult Open Innovation Vehicle Platform