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Centre for Imaging, Metrology and Additive Technologies

WMG's Centre for Imaging, Metrology and Additive Technologies (CiMAT) provides a hub for innovation and research that, for the first time, brings together world leading state of the art technologies for the enhancement and understanding of product and process performance.

Based in the International Manufacturing Centre, CiMAT hosts a wide range of scanning technologies for the 3D characterisation and validation of complex internal and external architectures, including high resolution laser scanning, micro-CT and advanced 3D visualisation. The Centre’s Additive Technologies capabilities include the development and application of advanced functional metallic and multi-material solutions for exploitation in the high value manufacturing sector.

The team in CiMAT have a proven track record in pushing the boundaries of science and technology, having worked with a diverse range of partners to find solutions to real challenges which have a tangible impact on society. By bringing non-destructive characterisation, and Additive Technologies Manufacturing together, we are bridging the gap from prototyping to mass low-volume technology.

Key research themes

  • Digital Prototyping
  • Optimisation and Application of CT for characterisation of complex internal structures
  • Development of in-line metrology processes
  • 3D Visualisation of, and interaction with, both digital design and captured scan data
  • Development and validation of Additive Technologies in new and advanced applications
  • New materials and Additive Technology process development
  • New Additive Technology enabled business models
Additive layer manufacturing
Contact Information:
Academic Staff

Georgina Haslop