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Cyber Security Centre Group Members


Hugh Boyes

Hugh is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IET and holds the CISSP credential issued by (ISC)2. His career as a project and programme manager encompassed a number of public and private sector roles, including complex building, enterprise architecture, deployment of ERP systems. During the first half of his career he was responsible for managing the design, procurement and delivery of complex technical systems, buildings and infrastructure in support of the security and intelligence operations of a UK government department.

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Ian Bryant

Ian is a Professional Engineer employed by HM Government as Principal technical specialist and/or project manager, with assignments spanning a variety of organisations (including Cabinet Office, Defence, National Archives, National Policing, and the former National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre (now CPNI)) and roles (including Accreditation, Incident Response, Policy and Standards, Research and Development, Satellite Engineering, and Systems Verification). He is currently Technical Director and Programme Manager for the UK's Trustworthy Software Initiative (TSI, formerly SSDRI), a Public Good activity for Making Software Better.

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Kathleen Choudhary

Kathleen provides PA support to the Professors of the Cyber Security Centre at WMG and has over 10 years of PA experience within the University of Warwick.


Mike Corcoran

Mike is a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Warwick Cyber Security Centre. Recently joined, Mike was previously over 20 years in the UK Army Intelligence Corps, mainly seconded to other UK Government Departments. On leaving the Army Mike was recruited by the UK MoD's research arm - the Defence Scientific and Technical laboratory (Dstl) where he focussed on Critical Information Infrastructures, being instrumental in the foundation of CPNI, CCS, IAAC and finally headed the Cyber & Influence Science and Technology Centre.

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 Female Silloutte

Kath Garnett

Kath is a Principal Teaching Fellow in Cyber Security. She has extensive experience leading both undergraduate and postgraduate in digital forensics, computer security and cyber security, with a particular emphasis on meeting technical and strategic requirements for law enforcement and government agencies.

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Bil Hallaq

Bil is a cyber security researcher at WMG and has more than 15 years of academic, commercial and industrial experience. He previously spent several years handling and mitigating against various security threats and vulnerabilities within commercial environments.

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Duncan Hine

Duncan is Principal Fellow with advisory responsibilities for research and teaching activities in cyber security and defence.

Duncan is a consultant to a number of companies in the cyber security area, and has previously led on security, information assurance and resilience for the National Airtraffic infrastructure run by NATS. He was previously Executive Director of Integrity & Security of the Identity and Passport Service, an agency of the Home Office.

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Chris Hurran

Chris Hurran

Chris has more than 45 years of public service in the Royal Engineers, the Diplomatic Service, NISCC (the National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre) and CPNI (the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure). He specialises in contingency and crisis management planning, counterproductive workplace behaviour, organisational culture and the management of employee risk. He advises international companies and government organisations on managing insider risk, critical national infrastructure security and digital security strategy.
Chris is a Director of Cyber Security Challenge UK and was, until recently, a Vice President of the Trustworthy Software Initiative (now the Trustworthy Software Foundation).


Roy Isbell

Roy is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and communications & security consultant with over 30 years' experience across Government, Business & Academia. Following a career in the UK Armed Forces as a secure communications and information systems engineer, he jointly established an information security company, LIRIC Associates Ltd. a company acquired by Symantec Corp in 2004. Whilst with Symantec he was responsible for establishing and growing a Global Government Services business unit.

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Harjinder Lallie

Harjinder is a Principal Teaching Fellow who joined WMG in 2011 and he is responsible for the coordination and organisation of the MSc Cyber Security and Management masters programme. Harjinder is an experienced academic who has more than 13 years of teaching and tutoring experience in the areas of Information Security, Security Protocols and Digital Forensics.

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Professor Carsten Maple

Carsten is Professor of Cyber Systems Engineering. He is the Director of Research in Cyber Security working with organisations in key sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and the broader public sector to address the challenges presented by today's global cyber environment.

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Charlie McMurdie

Charlie McMurdie

Charlie is a former Detective Superintendent with 32 years of experience in the Metropolitan Police. Charlie established and built the Police Central e-crime Unit, a world class cyber crime capability and national cyber crime investigative and enforcement body of the United Kingdom. She is an internationally acclaimed authority and advisor on issues within government and industry in relation to cyber crime, the Internet, communication technology, computing and security sectors.

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Peter Norris

Peter is a Principal Teaching Fellow in Cyber Security with WMG at the University of Warwick. His background is in general engineering with industrial automation experience in the steel industry. This was followed by several years working in the non-conventional machine tool sector (laser, EDM and ECM) designing post-manufacture machine-vision inspection systems for jet engine components.

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Dr Nader SohrabiSafa

Nader Sohrabi Safa

Nader is a Research Fellow for the Cyber Security Centre. He successfully finished his postdoctoral at the Centre for Research in Information and Cyber Security (CRICS), School of ICT, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2016. He received his PhD from Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Information System Department, University of Malaya (2014). He is a member of IFIP TC 11 Working Group 12. He also is a member of committee in several annual conferences and reviewer in several journals. His research focuses on Human Aspects of Information Security in Organizations in postdoctoral study. The findings of his studies have been published in prominent journals in this domain.

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Mike St.John-Green

Mike StJohn-Green

Mike is an independent consultant in cyber security, currently working with a range of clients, primarily in the City of London and Europe. Among recent assignments, he has led information security audits with three of the UK's FTSE-350 companies and offered advice to City auditors and boards, demystifying this thing called cyberspace and its security.

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Professor Tim Watson

Tim is the Director of the Cyber Security Centre at WMG. With more than 20 years' experience in the computing industry and in academia, he has been involved with a wide range of computer systems on several high-profile projects and has acted as a consultant for some of the largest telecoms, power and oil companies. He has designed, produced and delivered innovative courses on cyber security for a variety of public and private-sector organisations.

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Pam Watt

Pamela Watt

Pamela is a Principal Teaching Fellow and is in charge of operational planning within the Cyber Security Centre at WMG. Pam gained her doctorate in Medicine at the University of Leicester and was formerly a Chief Operating Officer within academia. She has over 20 years experience of developing teaching programmes and supervising research students. Pam is interested in the links between medical research and cyber security and she combines her academic work with the development of research and teaching for industry.

M Whitty

Professor Monica Whitty

Monica is a cyberpsychologist, whose research over the last 15 years has focused on the ways individuals behave in cyberspace. Her work, in particular, examines: identities created in cyberspace, online security risks as well as detecting and preventing cybercrimes (e.g., mass-marketing fraud, insider threats).

Monica previously held a Chair at the University of Leicester (2010-2016). Prior to working at Leicester she held full-time academic posts at Nottingham Trent University, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Western Sydney and Macquarie University. She is first author of ‘Cyberpsychology: The study of individuals, society and digital technologies’ (Wiley, 2017) with Garry Young and ‘Truth, Lies and Trust on the Internet’ (2009, Routledge) with Adam Joinson.

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Professor Colin Williams

As both a businessman and as an academic, Colin is a leading figure in the international cyber security community with twenty years of experience in enterprise IT, Information Assurance and cyber security. As a director of SBL, he develops and leads the business development strategy of a wholly UK owned and controlled market leading provider of vendor independent cyber security solutions to central government, blue light services and the wider public sector.

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