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Charlie McMurdie


Charlie McMurdie is a former Detective Superintendent with 32 years of experience in the Metropolitan Police. Charlie established and built the Police Central e-crime Unit, a world class cyber crime capability and national cyber crime investigative and enforcement body of the United Kingdom. She is an internationally acclaimed authority and advisor on issues within government and industry in relation to cyber crime, the Internet, communication technology, computing and security sectors.

Charlie has led investigations for numerous cyber incidents (including the largest Botnet attack and mass data theft in the UK) leading to successful arrests and critical acclaim from industry, academia and FBI/USSS gratitude. She provides expert advice to a range of senior international forums including Ministerial briefings both in UK and abroad, providing evidence to Select Committees on Cyber crime, European Parliament, and Senate Committees in USA, and delivered the cyber incident management policy and policing response for the Olympics, which strengthened existing relationships and current operational working with the security services, GCHQ and CPNI.

Charlie is the Senior Cyber Crime Advisor at PwC and currently advises and leads for PwC on a range of global strategic and operational cyber security programmes. She is the cyber crime lead within Breach Aid, PwC’s critical incident multidisciplinary response team.