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Ian Bryant


Ian Bryant is a Professional Engineer employed by HM Government as Principal technical specialist and/or project manager, with assignments spanning a variety of organisations (including Cabinet Office, Defence, National Archives, National Policing, and the former National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre (now CPNI)) and roles (including Accreditation, Incident Response, Policy and Standards, Research and Development, Satellite Engineering, and Systems Verification). He is currently Technical Director and Programme Manager for the UK's Trustworthy Software Initiative (TSI, formerly SSDRI), a Public Good activity for Making Software Better.

Ian was intimately involved with various TSI predecessor activities, including leading the original Cabinet Office (CSIA) study on Secure Software Development, being Technical Manager for the Pilot Operation of the then CSIA Claims Tested Mark (CCT Mark) Scheme, and leading the Secure Software Development Partnership (SSDP) work on Standardisation.

In the wider Standards context, he is active in a number of standardisation bodies, including:

  • BSI IST/033 - Information Security (Deputy Chair IST/033/-/4) – UK shadow to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC27
  • BSI IST/015 - Systems and Software Engineering – UK shadow to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC7
  • BSI IST/038 - Distributed Application Processes and Services – UK shadow to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC38
  • ETSI MTS - Management of Test and Specification (Security SIG Rapporteur)

Other recent activities include leading a NATO Research Task Group (RTG), and being lead Information Security specialist for two recent European Commission (EC) funded Research Projects, MS3i and NEISAS.