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Mike Corcoran

Mike Corcoran is a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Warwick Cyber Security Centre. Recently joined, Mike was previously over 20 years in the UK Army Intelligence Corps, mainly seconded to other UK Government Departments. On leaving the Army Mike was recruited by the UK MoD's research arm - the Defence Scientific and Technical laboratory (Dstl) where he focussed on Critical Information Infrastructures, being instrumental in the foundation of CPNI, CCS, IAAC and finally headed the Cyber & Influence Science and Technology Centre.

Mike was posted to RCDS in 2012 - 2013 where he co-authored a study on the future of the Internet in preparation for the upcoming Strategic Defence & Security Review. Mike is also a consultant to MoD's Doctrine, Concepts and Development Centre (DCDC) where he specialises in cyber activities, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Defence Academy and a Visiting Professor in Cyber Studies at De Montfort University, Leicester. Mike's hobby is long-distance trekking, recently completing 2 months in Nepal and India, and is currently preparing a trans-Africa trek.