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UNDERWARE Workshop Presentations

Professor Tim Watson welcomed speakers and visitors to the event

Professor Monica Whitty set the scene for the day by giving the background to the project and explaining why this is such an important subject.

Dr Oludayo Tade talked about the uprise of the Yahoo Boys and the (De) glamorisation of select Nigerian Hip-Hop Songs.

Professor Richard Boateng's presentation was about Unveiling Cybercrime in a Developing Country. His presentation video is also available.

Geoffrey Okolorie described the economic impact of cybercrime, the sophistication of the crimes and the challenges faced by these.

Dr Thomas Molony from the Centre of African Studies at Edinburgh University gave us an alternative viewpoint with a presentation about Cyber Hustlers in the Gambia which was based on a doctoral thesis by Ismaila Ceesay.

Paul Davies gave an insite into Understanding West African Culture and how this might be viewed through a Western Lens

We also have an innovative illustrated representation of the day provided to us by Dr Makayla Lewis