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Data Science


Our newly formed Data Science group, led by Professor Giovanni Montana, focuses on developing novel statistical and machine learning methodologies to tackle challenging problems arising in a number of application domains, from digital healthcare to autonomous systems, and gain insights through data analytics.

As part of WMG's Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence, our ambition is to leverage WMG's unique positioning in the engineering and manufacturing ecosystem and capitalise on the wealth of digital information produced in-house and by our collaborators, in both academia and industry, to drive innovation.

Our research interests span a broad range of data analytical methodologies from traditional statistical modelling and multivariate data analysis to modern machine learning approaches such as deep artificial neural networks. The group actively develop computational methods for making sense of high-dimensional and often unstructured data types such as images/videos, data streams, networks, and natural language. We bring particular expertise from the fields of bioinformatics and machine learning for image understanding.