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Online Organisation

Informaiton for Presenters

18TH IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2020) is organized as the online conference due to COVID-19 pandemic as the safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority.

In order for the accepted paper to be included into the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library and published in the Conference Proceedings, (i) a video for presenting the paper has to be submitted according to the procedures described in Information for Presenters (see below), and (ii) one of the authors of the paper must participate in the online conference for accompanying the forecast of the video and answering questions.

Remark: All final papers will be included in the IEEE content library, BUT No show papers will NOT be accessible from IEEE Xplore® DigitalLibrary. The No show papers are copyrighted, and cannot be re-published without permission from the IEEE.

Video submission link: 

1) Authors need to prepare a Video for being presented during the online conference.

Technical requirements

Videos of sessions:
Format: .mp4
Aspect ration: 16:09
Resolution:1920 x 1080 px
number of videos: 1
max. length: 10 to 15 minutes
max. file size: 150MByte

Mandatory information for every video:
Video filename: Manuscript Number from the submission system (e.g. TF-00XXXX) and title of the paper e.g. TF-00XXXX_paperTitle.mp4

The 1st slide presented in the video should include the title of the paper, the authors, and the presenter’s name should be highlighted (e.g. in Bold or underscored)

A short CV of the presenter should be included. This should be a PDF file with max 1 paragraph of CV info (Format: , Size: DIN A4, max. 10 lines, Arial 10 pt.). The PDF file should be named similarly to video i.e. TF-00XXXX_surname.pdf

The video is expected to have slides and voice-over, and if available also other aspects e.g. the demonstrator, etc.
Each video will be shown to conference participants online, and Q&A will with the author(s) will follow.

For inclusion in the IEEE proceedings, it is mandatory for each paper to be presented (i.e. have a video uploaded in the deadlines mentioned).

Videos of Tutorials:
Format: .mp4
Aspect ration: 16:09
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
number of videos: 1 or 2 (A break should be programmed after 35-40 minutes, i.e., changing video or changing from part-1 to part-2 of the video)
max. length: 35 to 40 minutes
max. file size: 500MByte

2) Uploading the Videos into the INDIN 2020 Online-Platform
Deadline: 10 July 2020
URL and process to upload the video and information:
Step 1: Go to and acknowledge the terms.
Step 2: Click on “Add Files“ and browse the files you wish to send (video and biography files).
Step 3: Enter your e-mail address and press send to start the process
Step 4: Check the confirmation email send to your mail account that has a code to verify the upload.
Step 5: Enter the code from your e-mail and press the VERIFY button.

Note: It is absolutely mandatory to name the submitted file with the correct manuscript number from the submission system!